Fiji Court Toilet Sex Drama

When asked if conjugal visits were allowed for serving or remand prisoners, Justice Liyanage said: “No”.
24 May 2019 11:50
Fiji Court Toilet Sex Drama


A report of two men having sex with their partners in a Suva High Court female public toilet in Suva has caused a public uproar.

The Between the Lines (BTL) article in yesterday’s Fiji Sun has gone viral on social media.

People are shocked that the men were in remand waiting for their cases to be called when they were found in compromising positions with their partners while two Police officers stood guard outside the toilet.

Chief Registrar Justice Yohan Liyanage yesterday confirmed the incident happened on Tuesday.

He said the Judicial Department had lodged a complaint with the Central Police Station (Totogo) in Suva “regarding the laxity of the Police escorting officers and an investigation had been initiated by the Police.”

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed receiving the report from the Judicial Department.

She said the Police Internal Affairs Unit was conducting its investigations to find out the identity of the Police officers implicated. The unit would also look at all aspects of the complaint.

The incident has caught many people by surprise.

This is a sample of the responses:

“Of all places they have to do it at the court house.”

“What a shame on the system.”

“What a joke, come on Police officers.”

“Conjugal visits are getting out of hand.”

“This is a shameful act.”

The incident was discovered when a judicial officer  went to the toilet.

The two Police officers stopped her saying it was locked. She complained to her supervisor who then went with her back to the toilet.

The Police officers were reprimanded and the toilet was opened. The Judicial officers found clothes strewn on the floor and the two couples naked.

Justice Liyanage  clarified that “Washrooms located in the Government Buildings are mostly public washrooms.”

When asked if conjugal visits were allowed for serving or remand prisoners, Justice Liyanage said: “No”.

Earlier this year, High Court Judge Justice Thushara Rajasinghe scolded Police officers in his courtroom after remand prisoners were found mingling with family members in the public gallery.

Justice Rajasinghe ordered the officers to ensure that remand prisoners were kept separately and away from the members of the public, including their family members.

Edited by Naisa Koroi

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