SODELPA Appointments Mesake Nawari As Independent Arbiter

The new SODELPA Arbiter, Mesake Nawari will look into the grievance raised by Jope Koroisavou.
28 May 2019 17:44
SODELPA Appointments Mesake Nawari As Independent Arbiter
Mesake Nawari (left ) receives his appointment letter from the Acting President of SODELPA Anare Jale.

The Management Board of the Social Democratic Liberal Party at its meeting held on Friday 17th May, 2019 considered a grievance filed under Section 25 of the Party’s Constitution and resolved to refer the grievance to an Independent Arbiter.

The Independent Arbiter will look into the grievance raised by Jope Koroisavou. Section 25 of the Party Constitution provides:

Any aggrieved member in regards to the affairs of the Party or other matters shall put a notice of his grievances, to the Management Board who shall
appoint an independent person as an Arbiter to discuss the case of the aggrieved member and make recommendations to the Management Board.

Mr Mesake Nawari, a Finance and Management Consultant, has been appointed as the Arbiter to discuss the grievance and to prepare a report with recommendations to be submitted by 21st June, 2019 to the Management Board.

Mr Nawari was appointed today after the Party Management Board directed the Acting President Anare Jale and Party Leader Sitiveni Rabuka (Leader of Opposition) and three members of the Management Board to agree on the Terms of Reference and appoint the Independent Arbiter, on behalf of the Board.

Mr Nawari is an accomplished Finance and Corporate Manager. His accomplishments include CEO, Global Harvest Holdings Limited; Deputy Head of School, USP MBA Programme, USP Director Commercial Operations, Group CEO, Fiji TV; General Manager Fijian Holdings Unit Trust, CEO South Pacific Stock Exchange. He is also a member of various Commercial Boards.

Mr Jale confirmed that the process mandated by the Management Board to appoint the Independent Arbiter had been followed. Mr Nawari will commence his work immediately.
The Management Board of the Party is responsible for grievances and the process to be taken to address the grievances. The Constitution of the Party provides, among other things, a Grievance Procedure to deal with grievances raised by a member of the party against an official or another member of the party.

Upon receipt of the Arbiter’s report and recommendations, the Management Board will determine what further action to take.

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