Letters: 29th May, 2019

It is hilarious when some proprietors of stores ask their customers if they get reimbursed for their receipts, but in some cases receipts for purchases are not issued in the first place.
29 May 2019 12:52
Letters: 29th May, 2019

I love Fiji

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

The words “I Love Fiji” on the banner carried and raised by a Fiji 7s fan and supporters during the London Sevens say it all!

Our boys were just too good in all their games, they kept their cool, showed their skills and magic and, at times, their brilliance and confidence were just as if they were enjoying a game of touch rugby back home!

The Fijian supporters were awesome as they came out with our Fiji flag and the TV commentators mentioned about the cancelling of celebrations until after the Paris meet this weekend. Apparently the Fijian community out there partied and celebrated last year after Fiji won the London Sevens, but our boys missed the mark in the Paris Sevens and South Africa pipped us by just two points to win the HSBC World Sevens Series 2018.

Fiji may be ahead by two points, but the beauty of 7s rugby is that anything can happen in 14 minutes.

The Fiji 7s Team management have learnt from their mistake last year and we, Fiji 7s fans, all hope and pray that our boys will showcase their magnificence, brilliance and consistency in Paris.

The heart-breaking narrow loss last year set the goal for this current series and I believe with all my heart that our boys will make things right this weekend.

Go Fiji go!


Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

Jaywalking means violating pedestrian traffic laws, most often by crossing a street illegally.

I strongly believe that should a jaywalking incident put others in danger or the motorists, then the jaywalker must also be charged with additional offences such as reckless endangerment.

Why aren’t law enforcement authorities charging jaywalkers who disrupt traffic? The negligence of pedestrians cause or contribute to a lot of traffic accidents and why isn’t anything being done?

Jaywalking to me is reckless pedestrian crossing of a roadway.

How come police and LTA don’t stop people who jaywalk?

I have seen pedestrians jaywalk in front of a Police officer and a motor vehicle, but nothing is done.

In Fiji, the pedestrians may cross anywhere on the road at any time and motorists have to stop because if you don’t you will find yourself in the remand centre.

Fatalities and injuries like the one we witnessed at Brown Street, Suva, are bound to happen unless the laws are enforced equally on motorists and pedestrians.

One has to drive on Grantham Road and Laucala Bay Road near USP to witness reckless jaywalking.

No single factor is completely responsible for the problem of pedestrian – vehicle crashes resulting in injuries and fatalities.

A combination of unsafe pedestrian behaviour, vehicle and driver factors are the major contributors, unfortunately the laws are only enforced on motorists.

This must change or we will have more accidents and more lives will be lost.

Pro-active measures must be taken and not just painting yellow lines after fatalities.

I urge the authorities to seriously enforce laws on everyone.

On the same note I sincerely appreciate the work the Police officers are doing in the peak hours.

Checking receipts

Joan McGoon, Nadi

It is hilarious when some proprietors of stores ask their customers if they get reimbursed for their receipts, but in some cases receipts for purchases are not issued in the first place.

Maybe customers do get reimbursed when they notice that the “sale” item was punched in the register as a “normal price” item and get to return to the store or supermarket for their “reimbursement”.

May we never stop asking for our receipts and may we stop shopping at stores that place customers in a position to ask.


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