Kolitagane Urges Youths To Take On Challenges, Be Influential

The final year University of the South Pacific student said he was introduced to the youth group in 2013 by his parents who had always met up with the fellowship leaders over dinner and discussions.
30 May 2019 11:29
Kolitagane Urges Youths To Take On Challenges, Be Influential
Victor Kolitagane. Photo: Inoke Rabonu

International Youth Fellowship recipient Victor Kolitagane says mind lectures offered by the fellowship has moulded him and helped him make wise choices and decisions with regards to being an influential young man in the community and society.

The final year University of the South Pacific student said he was introduced to the youth group in 2013 by his parents who had always met up with the fellowship leaders over dinner and discussions.

“In 2013 my mother was working in the Fishing ministry so she was involved with a lot of foreigners and at most times they would always go out to have dinner,” Mr Kolitagane said.

“So, at that time when I came back from high school my parents told me that they had gone out to have dinner with a foreigner in which I had to join them later,” he said

“After dinner we had a small meeting and during all those times, I had no interest but the only thing that caught my attention and because I was always active in participating in school and church activities was IYF’s summer camp that they had organised.

“I loved the sound of camping so I had joined, when I joined, I just thought of it as an avenue to have fun because there were lots of youths we went and played, we swam in the sea but as time went on I started to hear what they were preaching, mind lectures and the world of the heart.

“I developed an interest day by day and till today I am still involved with them.”


There were many activities organised by IYF which involved mind lectures, Christian leaders fellowship, world camps and mind education.

“In all these different branches we had the Christian aspect of IYF and also the mindset trainings that we had been doing,”

“In IYF, they usually share inspirational stories and one thing that I have learnt that if your heart is only confined to yourself, the way you respond and the way you act towards yourself and to others will only be limited to what you have but if you are exposed to bigger things the heart of exchanging and learning is what you will be able to obtain.

“I am a final year engineering student and in order to be able to complete my programme I had to do six months attachment in the work field.

“I did my attachment at Electricity Fiji Limited (EFL), at EFL you got to know what you are doing because we are exposed to so many dangers around us that one small mistake can cause a serious injury or permanent injury.

“So, because of the environment I had to change my mindset. In school its usually lectures and theory whereas in the field it’s a different story.

“How you apply that knowledge is totally different.

“When I began with EFL I did not know what to do but for those that are there and are working and specialising in the field they knew what to do, so all I did was gather from them and use it to build up myself, grow and know who, what, where and how to do those things.

“Through the mind education that we had one thing that I learnt that irrespective of the problems that we have there is always a solution but we need to discover those solutions within us.

He said there are many challenges that have tried to deter his spirits but he finds hope in the Almighty for strength.

“We might fall, our weaknesses may be exposed but our life does not end there and as long as we obtain the heart of other people and the heart of God because in all things we face, the most superior thing is the word of God.

“His words are above all things; in him we obtain peace which cannot be found anywhere.”


Mr Kolitagane said there is no such thing as impossible.

“Before, one thing that I used to in my life was to shy away from things that I know I cannot achieve or unattainable.

“But all these changed, I have learnt that the more I challenge myself to do the things that I thought was impossible the stronger I made myself to be.

“Especially how it made my heart stronger, the process may be difficult but the result is much more satisfying than what it was in the beginning.

“Now, I look forward to challenges and even though I have in mind that the process will be hard I have a mindset that allows me to look at that finishing line and the sweeter success that awaits me.

“I urge all young man and women to take on challenges because it will create in you strong heart and spirit that will enable you to make wise

choices in life.”

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