Savinesh Mudiliar: Working For The Real Estate Industry

Harcourts Fiji senior sales consultant Savinesh Mudiliar made this comment in an interview with Fiji Sun this week.
02 Jun 2019 14:24
Savinesh Mudiliar: Working For The Real Estate Industry
Savinesh Mudiliar.

Working at Harcourts is not about the commission you earn it’s about the service you provide.

Harcourts Fiji senior sales consultant Savinesh Mudiliar made this comment in an interview with Fiji Sun this week.

Below is the interview with Mr Mudiliar.

Can you talk about Harcourts Fiji?

Harcourts Fiji is a franchise of Harcourts International. We are present in multiple countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Singapore and other countries.

We are the franchise of the state international brand Harcourts.

Harcourts has been operating in Fiji for over 15 years.

Tell us your experience working in Real Estate?

It is a unique industry, service based, heavily relying on repeat clients.

For example over the last so many years that I have worked for Harcourts I have managed to create my own client base with people providing them certain level of service which is the standard across Harcourts International.

So we have a standard service criteria which all the agents have to meet. And once  you do that and follow the procedures and the service outlines that we have, you have created your own client base.

Those clients are repeat clients, because of the service you provide them they don’t mind coming back to us.

So the brand itself carries a lot of wait. People trust in the brand.

Harcourts is probably the leading real estate brand in the country.

We believe we are the leading brand in Fiji residential and commercial real estate market and Harcourts has proven that we are the most trusted brand in New Zealand.

So all of that brand power has help us to get our business. Because of the international brand it makes our job easier. People trust in the brand.

Tell us a bit about the challenges in the real estate industry?

Every day is a new challenge. New Year comes with different challenges.

Some years it’s the market you deal with, and what kind of market we are in.

We have seen a couple coups in that market, where the market slums.

We have gone through global financial crisis that affected Fiji as well.

And there are those liquidity crisis that we face every now and then. Political instability adds to it.

We face challenges on a daily basis in dealing with different buyers and different sellers.

So every day is a new challenge, when you wake up you don’t know who will we meet today and what their requirements will be, and how will we be able to best serve and help them. And the next person we meet comes from a different background.

Every individual is unique they have their own experience and their own requirements.

So we try and tailor make solutions for each and every buyer or each and every seller that we meet.

Every property comes with its own challenges, every buyer comes with their own requirement.

The real challenge is matching the right buyer to the right property at the right price, so that all the parties are happy.

What can you say about the competition with other real estate?

There are a lot of other good brands in the country, a lot of other real estate agents in this country who are doing well.

But I think because of the international brand power that Harcourts carries we are step ahead of the others.

We are able to out play them, because we have systems in place that helps us make our work easier.

So an individual agent will not be successful unless they have the backing of a good brand.

So here we have the backing of one of the most trusted brand not only in the country but in the world.

What is your comment on the Future of the Real Estate Industry?

At the moment we have a lot of difficult times but it’s getting better, it always does.

We are going through this period of deflation where the struggle is a bit more in the normal days, but it gets better over time.

We have seen that the market is improving now, a lot of buyers are out there who are wanting to buy.

A lot of sellers are out there who are wanting to sell. We just have to help these people out with their needs.

What are some of Harcourts Fiji future plans?

Our future plan now is to grow the industry, grow our brand, grow our officers, and grow our agents.

Currently we have about 30 agents at the moment with Harcourts Fiji.

By the end of this year we looking at expanding that to over 40 agents.

But not just hiring agents, we need 40 productive agents who are able to go out in the market and help the owners and buyers out there.

Can you talk about the Harcourts International Awards?

The awards are held in Auckland, New Zealand in May every year. It is a way of rewarding the hard work of real estate agents.

So we struggle over 12 months and at the end we go to New Zealand in front of thousand agents and you get rewarded for your hard work.

The competition is based on your annual earnings (performance base).

It means the more you sell the more commission you make, and the higher your ranking goes. Because we are all commission based agents, we are not salary based.

The more the agent sells the more commissions they earn, and ranking is based on commission earned for that financial year.

How do you feel after being awarded the top award for 13 consecutive years?

There is no better feeling than that. It just empowers me a lot more and gives me a lot more reasons to come back and do more.

We don’t class ourselves as sales people, we are more of service providers.

So we try and keep a standard level of service across the board for all our clients at an international standard which Harcourts is known for.

We will try and build on that and maintain it in the future.

Who were the other four agents from Fiji that received the award?

The other four agents were Jasmindar Singh who won the second place, Senzie Kumar third place, Paula Benn fourth place and Hitesh Naidu won the fifth place.

What is your advice to real estate agents?

Working at Harcourts is not about the commission you earn it’s about the service you provide.

Because we have seen a lot of overnight agents, they come they make their money and they fly too high, and they forget about the people that they here to serve.

I think if you shift your focus from the commission to the service provided to people and do a good job in helping people, you will go a long way.

I think that is the main reason I’m able to retain my crown for the last 13 years, because I have never focused on the money.

I focused only on the service.

Do you have any plans of moving away from real estate and setting up your own business?

I have diversified my businesses, I own other few businesses but this is my core business. I will stick to it.

Like they say you’ll never forget your roots

What is your comment on the developments in Fiji?

As we can see there is a lot of developments out there.

There are a lot of apartments being built in Suva because of the demand. We feel that the market will meet itself.

There are good times ahead. Fiji is a tourism hub.

The more hotels that are developed the better it is for the people.

I feel we need to build more hotels in Suva. Nadi has got its fair share of hotels. And I think Suva still need a lot of hotels.

It is just a matter of people who want to acquire that land and invest in it. So we need more investor confidence.

Have you been inspired or influenced by anyone in particular?

I would like to acknowledge the strong support from my current business partner Shivas Singh.

He is one of the main reasons, I have been so consistent in my performance and have been able to retain my number one position over the last 13 years.

Without his help I wouldn’t be able to get where I am today.

Not only on real estate but in my other investments and businesses as well.

So when you have a strong backing and support of a person like him, who selflessly helps you, it just pushes me a lot.

He has been with me from my day one.

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