Letters: 17th June, 2019

Nothing is going to change this until hell freezes over according to tradition, custom and culture engraved into villagers’ souls.
17 Jun 2019 12:45
Letters: 17th June, 2019

Traditions  vs medical problems

Taitusi Sokiveta,  Phoenix, AZ

One of the biggest problems, especially  in  Fijian villages is that traditions are  taken  so seriously like the 10 Commandments or  the law.

The  belief system in villages is tradition came from God.   Instead  it’s  a  manmade doctrine that lingers on from the days of cannibalism now mixed in with today’s religion, makes it according to villagers decision between heaven and hell.

That’s how serious it’s taken.  Now this becomes a very serious problem, especially if you have medical conditions in villages.

The  albinos or in iTaukei,  rea, their  white skin can  create cancer because it’s a medical problem from  birth to adulthood and that’s  why they  wear sunglasses long-sleeved shirts with long pants  and  hats.

The problem here is tradition doesn’t allow women to wear pants in villages and nobody is allowed to wear hats.

So tradition is overriding  medical condition in villages and putting peoples life at risk because of a belief system that’s deeply engraved into peoples’  minds  and  soul that it has become the 11th commandment   of the 10 commandments.

Nothing is going to change this until hell freezes over according to tradition,   custom and culture engraved into villagers’ souls.

I had similar situations in 2016. I have bad knees so I wear prosthetic knee pads to enable me to walk and protect me against excruciating pains.

The problem here is I can’t sit on the floor. In  America it’s no big deal you can sit anyway  you like as long as your comfortable.

In some village it was OK   but I had to explain first to the villagers that I have a medical condition and wasn’t trying to be the paramount chief of Fiji and Rotuma.

In other villagers some houses were OK, but some were not OK with me sitting on a chair and so I avoided those houses like a plague.

The problem here is there has to be a law that protects people with medical condition in villages and to be written on paper by a judge and medical doctor. And they should be under full protection by the Police Department not the village chief or turaga-ni-koro because they worship tradition, custom and culture as if it came from God Himself.

People living with disabiliies and medical  conditions should be a number one priority in case of medical emergency  and should be above religion, traditions, culture and customs in all Fijian villages.


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