Clearways To be Introduced Across Suva From 8th July 2019

“Clearways will improve public safety and reduce congestion, as there will be fewer vehicle conflicts and pedestrians will be more visible, which will help reduce the number of road accidents within Suva.”
19 Jun 2019 12:30
Clearways To be Introduced Across Suva From 8th July 2019

Fiji  Roads  Authority (FRA)  would  like  to advise  members  of  the  public that  a clearway traffic management restriction will be placed on the kerbside lane of strategically important roads around Suva from 5am, Monday 8th  July 2019.

The peak periods for clearway restrictions are from:

  06:30 – 09:30am

  16:00 – 18:30pm

FRA Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moore says this restriction will prevent all vehicles (except buses at designated bus bays) from stopping, picking-up, dropping-off and parking during peak traffic periods in both directions.

“The FRA will be working with schools along these routes to designate specific drop-off/pick-up zones. We will be marking the clearways with a dashed yellow line, in addition to sign posts and it will be illegal to drop-off and pick-up passengers when the vehicle is stopped at traffic lights or in stationary traffic.”

The  first  implementation  Stage  1  is  the  McGregor  –  Bau  –  Rewa  Street  route.  This  will  be implemented from 5am, Monday 8th  July 2019.

He says these restrictions will allow the full width of the road corridor to be available during the heaviest periods of traffic congestion.

Mr  Moore says if  the restrictions are not adhered to, a fine will  be issued to the driver of the vehicle.

“Clearways are also tow away zones, hence any vehicle parked in a clearway will be towed and a fine will be issued, hence, motorists are requested to be conscious of these new changes and please follow all road signs.”

For more information, please email or call our toll free number 5720.

The following map shows the full extent of the Suva Clearways Routes Project will be progressively introduced later in the year.  These roads listed below will be Gazetted by the FRA as ‘No-Stopping’ zones during the defined peak traffic times:11 Suva Clearways


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