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BTL: 21st June, 2019

She expressed her concern about the conduct of an investigating officer.
21 Jun 2019 09:36
BTL: 21st June, 2019


No one can blame a woman’s impression at an accident scene in Labasa on Wednesday night.

She expressed her concern about the conduct of an investigating officer. The man was not in uniform. If he was a Police officer he should be wearing an uniform. He went to the scene in his shorts.

The woman said the man did not carry a Police ID card. She said she was aware that some officers worked undercover and only wore civilian clothes.

But her understanding was that the rest of the officers should wear uniform and carry their ID cards before conducting interviews.


It was a sight for sore eyes as a Lami resident posted on social media rubbish piled at a street. This happens to be the road near a shop.

With the intention to highlight the issue on Wednesday, a Fiji Sun journalist approached a council employee to find out why no action was taken. For three weeks the big pile of rubbish was there.

He was also told by the young officer that he did not know who to issue the fines to. By yesterday the rubbish had disappeared. SEE I-REPORT P2


A fire alarm was set off by a group of kids yesterday afternoon at a busy shopping centre in Suva, which was confirmed by one of the centre’s workers.

Unaware that they were in no real danger, members of the public rushed to get out of the building and shops were shut down. Soon after, the National Fire Authority (NFA) arrived on the scene and concluded it was a false alarm.

Thankfully it wasn’t a real fire, but the waste of time and resources suffered by the public, shopkeepers and the NFA is frustrating.

Parents should impress on their children the seriousness of playing with such alarms so that these situations don’t happen again in the future.

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