Prolifik By Name, Prolific By Nature

Meet the man bringing a new type of wrestling to Fiji
07 Jul 2019 18:42
Prolifik By Name, Prolific By Nature
Father and son: Jone Seru doing weight training with his son Zaac Seru, a.k.a, Prolifik The Gifted.

When one pictures a DJ, rarely does one envision a professional wrestler behind the DJ deck. But when you meet Zaac Seru A.K.A.  Prolifik The Gifted, with his striking nature and looks reminiscent of Aquaman, you’re instantly struck at how fitting these two worlds are to him. Especially when he opens up to Fiji Sun about his passion for both.

A multi-dimensional talent, Prolifik is a successful second-generation wrestler, and a sought-after music producer and DJ, who knows how to move people. Both literally in the ring and through his music.


Prolifik discovered his dual passions for music and wrestling at a young age. He explains; “My love of music was ignited when I first learnt to play the drums. Since the age of 13, I have been deejaying and producing music and have had the pleasure of working with many local hip-hop acts and performing at numerous venues.”

His musical skills are so adept that he’s had companies such as Adidas use his beats in advertising campaigns and he’s performed with acts such as The Game, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Obie Trice to name a few.


Not only does music maketh this man, but Prolifik is also a formidable force in the pro-wrestling world, a sport he fell in love with at a young age thanks to his father, prominent Fijian, John Seru.

John Seru is best known across Australia and the United Kingdom as “Vulcan”, from the original television hit series “Gladiators” and as bad guy “Gabor” from the 1999 James Bond film “The World Is Not Enough” with Pierce Brosnan.

John’s professional background came from wrestling. In the early 1990’s he trained as a Professional Wrestler in Tampa Florida, USA with legendary wrestlers and trainer of champions, the Great Boris Malenko and his two sons
Joe and Dean (both WWE Stars).

Vulcan has wrestled professionally across Australia and internationally for more than 26 years.

He has also produced his own wrestling shows and has established the successful Vulcan’s Pro-Wrestling School along with an adjoining Fitness Centre, Club Vulcan in the year 2000.

Jone Seru is best known across Australia and the United Kingdom as “Vulcan”, from the original television hit series “Gladiators”.

Jone Seru is best known across Australia and the United Kingdom as “Vulcan”, from the original television hit series “Gladiators”.


But while having a famous dad made Prolifik fall in love with wrestling at a young age, he said his father treated him like any other student.

“When I was a kid, I was a huge wrestling fan – I was obsessed with WWF, WCW – so having dad as a wrestler was the greatest thing ever,” Prolifik said.

“He didn’t treat me like a son or go easy on me – he just treated me like a student.

“It was good, because he can be very tough on trying to teach you the proper techniques and drill in the proper exercises.”

An approach that has benefited Prolifik throughout his pro-wrestling career, as he carries on the family name and reputation as one of Australia’s top wrestlers.

And with 19+years of pro-wrestling training under his belt, natural strength and pro-wrestling ability, he is well placed to take out the next Australian Wrestling heavy weight title.

Prolifik’s passion for music and wrestling also sees him work with his father John to develop a new form of entertainment that brings the best of both worlds under one roof: hip-hop wrestling.


Hip-hop wrestling is an exciting and high-energy experience, and is a new take on the ‘rock and roll wrestling’ craze of the 80s.

These never-before seen wrestling shows are heading to Fiji in August 2020.

Family-friendly, intense and entertaining, they will showcase both local and international pro-wrestling talents.

Not only will audiences see high-flying wrestling action but they’ll also enjoy live DJ’s, MC’s and musical performances, keeping the energy high and crowd involved throughout the entire event.

Plus there will be special appearances by some of the great wrestlers of our time, creating the perfect mix of nostalgia, fun and audience involvement, with something in every show for all ages.

“The combination of live music and wrestling is all about putting on the best possible show for the audience. These new wrestling shows are truly family-orientated and have something that appeals to all ages.

Plus, all of our pro-wrestlers and hip-hop performers are very energetic and work successfully to keep the crowds engaged, creating a fun and captivating experience for all.”

Edited by Leone Cabenatabua

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