Pillay Eyes Offshore Competitions

Pillay says he was proud of his achievements but wanted to take it up a notch and compete at international competitions.
10 Jul 2019 15:53
Pillay Eyes Offshore Competitions
Bodybuilder Jordan Pillay after winning the Open Men’s Physique category at the Suva Classics at the Holiday Inn in Suva on July 6, 2019. Photo: Pratik Deoji Photography

Suva bodybuilder Jordan Pillay is hoping to compete internationally after winning his second Open Men’s Physique title at the Suva Classics last Saturday.

He ousted five other competitors to claim the win in front of a modest but passionate crowd at Suva’s Holiday Inn.

Pillay says he was proud of his achievements but wanted to take it up a notch and compete at international competitions.

The second event in the bodybuilding calendar also served as the first national trials for October’s South Pacific Bodybuilding Championship in Noumea, New Caledonia.

Pillay is one of the frontrunners for selection, alongside newly-crowned Mr Suva Saimoni Leuta.

“This was a challenging event with some talented athletes competing but I was in the best shape of my life coming into it and was confident of a win,” he said.

“My training involved a rigorous 12-week programme that included two training sessions a day, six times a week. I also had eight high-in-protein meals every day.”


He says the toughest part of his preparations were the financial difficulties. He estimates spending nearly $2,000 to $3,000 during that prepared.

Like most other bodybuilders, Pillay had to fork out the money from his pocket or rely on support from his friends.

“Money will also be an issue if I get the chance to compete overseas. I want to take part in a New Zealand event this October but it’ll be tough collecting the funds for it,” he said.

“I hope sponsors like Mana can start looking at bodybuilders too because there is a lot of potential here and we work very hard.”

The two-time champion also acknowledged the support he received from people around him in the build up to the event.

“Firstly, I want to thank Neel Shivam and the Metro Gym for giving me a space to train and express myself. Leuta (Mr Suva) and I were both representing the gym and this was our way to thank them,” he said.

“Second, I want to thank Sekove Vakasoqo for competing with us, Mohammed Ikhlaas for coming down from Nadi to support me and my friends Jordan Wendt and Nikhil Nair for their financial support and constant encouragement.”

-Edited by Osea Bola

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