Fiji Police On Patrol Keeping City Safe

Mr Singh said he has been losing between 30 to 40 per cent business in the past few weeks because of the crime situation in the city.
03 Aug 2019 10:09
Fiji Police On Patrol Keeping City Safe
Police officers on foot patrol along Victoria Parade in Suva on August 2, 2019. Photo: Ronald Kumar

Police turned out in force on the streets of Suva City last night and brought smiles to people enjoying their time out.

Even the business people were happy and called for similar presence every day.

Last week a spate of muggings by organised groups shocked many.

This time the heavy Police  presence acted as a deterrent to any anti-social behaviour.

A restaurant owner believes that Police should carry out night patrols in Suva City at all times and not only when reports of muggings surface.

Harmindar Singh said the increase in Police presence over the past few nights was good.

“But it should be like this at all times and not only at certain times when issues arise,” he said.

“Police officers patrolling the city at all times is very important as it ensures that people are safe walking on the streets.

“Fiji is a beautiful country and people who go around robbing others spoil the reputation.”

Mr Singh said he has been losing between 30 to 40 per cent business in the past few weeks because of the crime situation in the city.

“Customers are not coming to the restaurant, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, because they are obviously scared of what has been happening.

“One of the danger zones is near my restaurant and I believe that more CCTV cameras should be installed from near Sukuna Park to near the Government buildings.

“The most dangerous time is 1am and beyond because that’s when people are mostly drunk and they are targeted by the criminal elements.”

Mr Singh said two tourists recently had dinner in his restaurant and were walking to their hotel near Government buildings when someone tried to snatch the woman’s handbag.

“The woman held onto her handbag and raised the alarm and the person ran away.

“They came back to my restaurant the next day and told me what had happened, so such things just don’t augur well for Fiji’s reputation,” said Mr Singh.

An Asian businessman also said the Police patrols were good and they should be done every night and not only after people get robbed in the heart of the city.

“They should ensure that people who come to the city are safe from the criminal elements at all times,” he said.

A nightclub bouncer said it was good to see Police officers on patrol in Suva City in numbers at night.

“I know that nightclub bouncers have also been blamed for the muggings that have been taking place in the city,” he said.

“But the thing is that nightclub bouncers are only responsible for providing security to people who come to the clubs.

“Our responsibility is to look after people from the entrance of the nightclub to inside and not on the footpaths.”

A Police officer on patrol told the Fiji Sun that several officers had been deployed to provide security to people.

“We are on foot patrol in all corners and also in vehicles to see that everything is good,” he said.

Another Police officer said they were patrolling near ATMs, restaurants and areas where nightclubs were situated.

The increase in Police patrols also saw some suspected sex workers moving to the darker corners of the city.

Some of them were seen moving away from places where Police officers were on foot patrol and when Police officers came near where they were based.

Edited by Epineri Vula


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