Suva Headteacher Praised For Academic, Extracurricular Activities

Serving the profession for 30 years now, Mr Cama is known for his punctuality.
08 Aug 2019 11:28
Suva Headteacher Praised For Academic, Extracurricular Activities
Christian Mission Fellowship Primary School Gospel Sensation band members Elijah Rakabu, Veniana Namuatabu, Ruth Sekilevuka and school headteacher Neori Cama outside the FMF Gymnasium in Suva on August 7, 2019.

A headteacher was lauded yesterday for his leadership in creating an innovative and vibrant learning space for children where academia and extracurricular activities work hand-in-hand.

The journey of Neori Cama, the headteacher of Christian Mission Fellowship Primary School, was shared as a success story during the Fiji Head Teachers Association Annual General Meeting yesterday.

Mr Cama has been the driving force behind the massive development of the Suva school since he joined in 2014.

In infrastructure alone, the school has managed to build 12 new modern-sized classrooms within the span of three years, but his success streamed further.

Under Mr Cama’s guidance, music and art have been at the helm.

Such was his dedication and motivation to his students that a school band was formed and launched their first music album in May.

In light of this, CMF Gospel Sensation will be touring the United Kingdom this November for five weeks.

“We are creating platforms for our students within the school to identify their hidden potential, their talents and creativity,” Mr Cama said.

“We use these platforms to discover what they are capable of and nurture those talents.

“If you visit the school, you will see drawings, all around the school. Those are students’ work which need to be encouraged.”

Not only music and art, Mr Cama has been the driving force behind academia as well.

“We have a 91 per cent pass rate in Year Six and 84 per cent in Year Eight,” he said.

It was a drastic improvement for when Mr Cama had joined the school, the passing rate in 2015 was only 54 per cent.

“This is my passion, developing and empowering others, I do the same with my teachers,” Mr Cama said.

Serving the profession for 30 years now, Mr Cama is known for his punctuality.

He arrives at the school at 6am.

“I do not tell my teachers to come early, I show them,” he said.

“You cannot impose change, you inspire others and let them bring about that change.”

Whether it’s sports or music, the school provides its students with the necessary resources to help them realise their potential.

The CMF’s Gospel Sensation was discovered the same way and their album, featuring 10 Gospel songs, was loved by audiences.

“It was on social media, so that is how a team from the United Kingdom invited the group. They came and made arrangements so the kids will be going in November.”

Edited by Ranoba Baoa


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