Letters To The Editor, August 11, 2019

Ambition did breed success but desire earned QVS to be named the champions.
11 Aug 2019 16:27
Letters To The Editor, August 11, 2019
Under 18 Super Deans Trophy winner, Queen Victoria School.

Victorious Victorians

Mohammed Zulfikar, Labasa

Brilliant play displayed by QVS in the Un­der 18 Vodafone Deans final. The difference was QVS technical advisor Ro Alivereti Do­viverata.

Indeed, an exemplary final played yesterday.

QVS played gallantly while RKS played like champions.

RKS led by their nippy captain proved in every aspect of the game why they were favourites. Their rucks, lineouts, scrums, counter attacks and sheer power proved too much for QVS to handle.

But QVS, had the 2018 Under 17 winning squad.

They showed glimpses of Fijian flair, through broken play, attacking rucks and of­floading.

QVS’ kicking game was superb, offloading was tremendous, just how we expect Fijian rugby to be.

Playing a territorial game was one of their best tactics, offloading in pressure situa­tions, a game played patiently.

QVS walked into the final as the underdogs but walked off Lawaqa Park as Victorians.

Technicality, substitution, and their game plan served them well.

The QVS officials, teachers, parents, old scholars and supporters are applauded for their sacrifices.

Ambition did breed success but desire earned QVS to be named the champions.

War on drugs

Taitusi Sokiveta, Phoenix, Arizona

The problem with illegal drugs is world­wide.

It’s not only Fiji’s problem. It’s not the fault of Parliament or the Fiji Police Force or the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service. It’s un­stoppable.

If you become addicted to any of these drugs, crack or cocaine, methamphetamine, opioids and others, it is very hard to stop and very dangerous to help these people because they can become violent and suicidal.

The Police in Arizona, United States, are trained to inject those overdosing from these powerful drugs because it can be too late for the ambulance to arrive in the instance that the drug user may overdose. And they Police officers have to wear gloves for protection.

A couple of months ago, a Police officer tried to inject an addict to save his life but the toxic drug got onto his skin and he died later.

These drugs are so addictive that addicts will go to any lengths to get their fix.

If the drug dealers coming to the United States are slow, the addicts will find a way to get to the source and in many instances, they are caught and are always on the news.

If you live in a Border State like Arizona, California, New Mexico or Texas, drug prob­lems are a daily occurrence.

There are methamphetamine labs all over the United States no matter what state you go to.

Marijuana is grown in Hawaii, Georgia and in other states they have indoor marijuana farms and, in some states, it is legal to smoke and sell marijuana. It’s become a big busi­ness.

No power on earth can stop the flow of ille­gal drugs as long as you have addicts in your own countries who have to get their fix. They are going to be there one way or another.

The best way is to open programmes in eve­ry school, correctional facility, town and all over the country.

It would take God to solve the illegal drug problems around the world.

Stop our children from smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol because that’s the first step, then comes marijuana and hard drug consumption.

Once you’re hooked it’s over.

Religion and spirituality help but you have to maintain it daily not weekly. It’s too long to wait just for Sunday to worship. These illegal drugs are a daily occurrence.

The whole nation as to fight these illegal drugs be it one person, or one group of peo­ple we can’t do it alone.

Everyone should be involved against the fight for illegal drugs and with the help of God it can be done.


Sukha Singh, Labasa

When Opposition MP Ratu Naiqama offend­ed the late Speaker of Parliament Dr Jiko Lu­veni he was suspended.

Why is it different from fellow MP Mosese Bulitavu’s case?

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