Fed-up Hong Kong Residents Call For End To Violence, Return Of Social Order At Mass Rally

At this moment, all innocent and virtuous residents in Hong Kong could no longer bear the chaos.
19 Aug 2019 13:28
Fed-up Hong Kong Residents Call For End To Violence, Return Of Social Order At Mass Rally
Aerial shot of participants at anti-violence rally

The near-half-a-million people who participated in Saturday’s mass rally in Hong Kong’s Tamar Park had one voice: the immediate end to violence and return of social order.

At around 16:00 local time, the metro station near Tamar Park was swarming with people. An hour later, the rally started as the Chinese national anthem was ringing out.

Waving the Chinese national flag and the flag of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and holding signs written with slogans including “Stop Riots”, “Oppose Violence” and “Save Hong Kong”, the crowd was enthusiastic and impassioned despite the rain. They chanted the slogans to express their views. The organizers put the number of participants at 476,000.

“Among our demands of anti-violence, saving Hong Kong and stopping splitting Hong Kong, the most important is anti-violence. All Hong Kong people should support Hong Kong, oppose violence and say ‘no’ to violence,” said Angu Ng, organizer of the rally.

For over two months, the forces attempting to disrupt Hong Kong have been stirring up street violence, causing much damage to society.

From storming the Legislative Council Complex, besieging institutions of the central government in Hong Kong and insulting the national flag and anthem, to surrounding Hong Kong police headquarters and attacking police officers with escalated use of tools and weapons, from blocking traffic and obstructing people’s access to offices, schools and hospitals, to paralyzing the airport and obstructing, insulting, frisking, holding and beating travelers, the masked rioters have overstepped the bottom line of law, morality and humanity.

The severe violent behaviours have shown a tendency of terrorism and threatened the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, as well as the lives and property of its residents.

At this moment, all innocent and virtuous residents in Hong Kong could no longer bear the chaos.

“Because Hong Kong has been in chaos for over two months, we, the Hong Kong people, cannot stand it any longer. We want to bring order out of chaos. We hope the social order in Hong Kong can return to the right track. Today we are here to voice opposition to violence. We hope Hong Kong can restore its normal order,” said a Hong Kong resident.

Many foreigners who have long lived in Hong Kong attended Saturday’s rally. Peter Bently was one of them. As a British retiree, he used to sell hi-tech equipment and has lived in Hong Kong for over four decades. After witnessing the extreme violence and vandalism by rioters who stormed the Legislative Council building on July 1, he said he felt sad that some young people in the city had squandered their beautiful lives.

“I’ve lived in Hong Kong for more than half of my life, 40 years. I would never have believed that this kind of thing could happen in Hong Kong. So I say to you, people who riot, I say to you, people who use violence, ‘Why are you afraid of China? Hundreds of thousands of Western people, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people, live in China and they live happy lives. Why are you afraid of China?’ We should love Hong Kong, we should love China and we must stop this violence once and for all,” said Bently.

Those who came out Saturday included people from all kinds of industries such as education, law, literature and art, business and taxi.

“I saw an elderly man in his 70s being insulted at the airport. I’m also in my 70s and was saddened by the incident because, over the past 70 years, I’ve never seen such a thing. So I come to speak out, first of all, violence is terrible and it’s alarming, and if you keep your silence, you would see more violence,” said Peter Woo Kwong-ching, chief advisor of the Wharf Holdings Limited.

“We come to call for protection of our ‘one country, two systems’ principle, to show our support for Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, the HKSAR government and the police in their law enforcement,” said Cheng Cheung-ling, chairman of the Belt and Road General Chamber of Commerce.

“The fact that so many people have gathered here today says it all – that we won’t tolerate it any longer, we oppose violence and we want our normal lives back,” said Raymond Lee Man-chun, member of the National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and president of the Lee and Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd.

“The overwhelming majority of conscientious people in Hong Kong firmly support the mainstream opinion of anti-violence, bringing back social order to Hong Kong, and safeguarding peace and stability in Hong Kong,” said So Cheung-wing, member of the CPPCC and also chairman of the Hong Kong Island Federation.

The assembly ended at around 18:00 local time, with the participants singing the chorus Below the Lion Rock, a famous song in Hong Kong that represents the spirit of unity and hard work.

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