Murder At ‘Kings’: Exclusive Interview With Prakash Wati Amos, Wife Of Robert ‘Bob’ Amos

Prakash Wati Amos has been silent since the murder of her husband Robert Emerson Amos or Bob Amos as he was commonly known. For the past seven weeks, the Fiji Sun looked at the details of the case through the Fiji Court of Appeal judgment and the fight for Mr. Amos’ property by his sons. As we wrap up the series today, we bring you an exclusive interview with Mrs Amos.
25 Aug 2019 12:53
Murder At ‘Kings’: Exclusive Interview With Prakash Wati Amos, Wife Of Robert ‘Bob’ Amos
Bob Amos’ World War II ring. INSET: Bob Amos (top left) and his yacht (top right).

Prakash Wati Amos maintains her innocence and that she had no part to play in the events that took place, resulting in her husband Bob Amos’ murder.

“I was caught up in a series of events I had no control over and on top of that worrying about the welfare of my children,” she said in response to questions by the Fiji Sun.

Mrs Amos believes that even the Fiji Court of Appeal thought that the case against her was questionable because of the evidence of Manohar Prasad.

She claims that Mr Prasad got his immunity in return for remembering that she was the central figure in the conspiracy and the murder.

“The case at the start focused on my husband’s will and assets more than anything else and there was a mistrial. His assets held by Government offices later disappeared.

“Even the case records have vanished apart from a few documents and no one has any answers.”

Mrs Amos said she did her best to ensure her two sons’ welfare and future were secure but was denied by the same Government office.

She was sentenced to life imprisonment and was released from prison in 1997 after serving around 11 years of her sentence.

Although she did not make any application for an early release, she was told by prison authorities one day that she was free to go.

Mrs Amos, who is 70 years old now, is living a quiet life in Suva, away from the public limelight while her son Vernon Amos who lives in the United States of America, continues the fight for his father’s property.

The fight for the property

Vernon Amos said that after winning the case to have his father’s will kept intact, he and his brother applied to the court to become administrators as Colonel K Lambert Kirk was elderly and confined to a wheelchair, making it difficult for him to travel to Fiji.

Colonel Kirk was also a former US military officer and his father’s friend who was named by his father as the administrator of the Will.

Mr Amos said this simple process was again blocked for years by the same office and his father’s houses on one property were demolished.

“It seems that most of the case revolved around my father’s assets, right up to the present day,” he claimed.

“This has all had far-reaching effects for the entire family, as instead of moving along with our lives, we have been forced to relive the pain and trauma over and over again with this particular office which refuses to let go of our property.

“It seems they want to profit from the Amos family’s pain and suffering.”

Mr Amos said he and his family have lived through almost three decades of the fight for his father’s property and have been given the run around by the authorities concerned.

He said he and his family hope that the Government would be able to assist them in getting his father’s property back.

“We have spent a lot of money in paying for lawyers and I have also run from one office to the other in the search for answers about my father’s property but nothing has happened so far.

“But I will do my best for my father and all that he worked for his entire life.”

The case

The murder of Bob Amos had shocked the nation and it drew a lot of people to the Supreme Court in Suva during the trial.

People followed the case when the trial started on March 3, 1986, until it ended on June 4 of the same year.

On the day the six people were sentenced, hundreds of people crowded outside the courthouse to catch a glimpse of them.

For the past seven weeks, this newspaper has also been receiving feedback from its readers, some of whom came up with new information.

The missing US military-issued ring

One information given to this newspaper by a reader was about the ring that was given to Bob Amos for his service to his country as a military officer.

The reader contacted this newspaper via email and said he had seen someone wearing a similar kind of ring but that person was not a former US military officer.

He has been connected with Vernon Amos through this newspaper and it is yet to be seen where the ring is.

The whereabouts of the killers

All of the six people who were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court for the murder of Bob Amos served their sentences and were released.

While Mrs Amos is living in Suva, it is known that Josua Ralulu died in a road accident several years ago.

One of those who were sentenced to life imprisonment is said to be living in a rural area in Nausori while the whereabouts of the others are unknown.

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