Shankar Overcomes Obstacles To Achieve Childhood Dream

“My dad passed away on November 1, 2017 which was on a Wednesday. I had my finals beginning on Friday the same week. When I heard about my father’s death, I was shattered.”
29 Aug 2019 12:59
Shankar Overcomes Obstacles To Achieve Childhood Dream
A proud moment.. From left: sister Shweta Shaniya Shankar, Ashnita Shankar, Ashnita Shankar and mother Rohini Roshni Lata with a picture of her later dad Anil Shankar.

With her mind focused on what she wanted to be Ashnilta Shankar developed a mindset to conquer challenges.

The 25-year-old lawyer faced a lot of challenges but with her determination and good family support, she is where she is today.

She almost gave up her dream of being a lawyer due to the challenges she went through. However, through the help of her friends and family she was able to overcome them.

She lost her father Anil Shankar a week before her final exam.

When all hope was lost, those who were close to her never gave up on her. It was difficult for her to continue without her father.

“My dad passed away on November 1, 2017 which was on a Wednesday. I had my finals beginning on Friday the same week. When I heard about my father’s death, I was shattered,” Miss Shankar said.

“I was not in the right mind to do the exams; I went to the university and informed my lecturers regarding my father’s death and informed them that I will not sit my finals.

“One of my lecturers then told me that ‘you can do this’ and to go back home and to think about it and let them know.

“I went back home and everyone told me ‘you can do this’ because this is what I have always dreamt of and it was always my father’s dream to see me become a lawyer.

“I did it for him and did it for myself. I believed in myself and reminded myself that since it was my last year I had to do it. I passed all my exams.

“My parents have always taught me to believe in myself, they have always taught me righteousness and they taught me that things will happen at the right time so work hard for it.

“I graduated from the University of Fiji and was admitted to the High Court of Fiji on August 24, 2018. I wished my father was there to see me getting admitted to the bar.

“I have been a working student throughout my university life at law firms as a paralegal. Currently I am an associate solicitor at Amrit Chand Lawyers headed by my principal.”


“I always wanted to become a lawyer from a very early age because I always wanted to do something that will make my father proud.

“When I was admitted to the bar, I wished my father was there to witness it but I know he was there watching over me.

“It has just been a year for me as a practicing lawyer and I still have a lot to learn.”


Miss Shankar said obstacles were necessary for one to succeed.

“One thing is for sure and that is whether we like it or not, failure is a necessary stepping stone to building our dreams,” she said.

“There were so many ups and downs and a lot of bumpy rides throughout my university life. I was not an A+ student. I failed. My parents once could not afford my fees.

“My father got sick, I even had to choose between looking after my family and completing my Bachelor of Law (LLB). Thank God I managed as a working student and earned for my family whilst finishing my LLB.

“When I failed my units, I cried and got over it but I made sure the second time was my last time. I was afraid of failure but even if I failed, I made sure that failure did not pull me back from achieving what I have set to achieve.

“I am the first lawyer in the family and one thing is for sure and that is when we do something we love then no one can stop us from achieving other things.

“I set my goals and worked towards them; made sure that I achieve them regardless the hiccups.

“My struggles are one of the big parts of my achievement because nothing comes easy. I acknowledge the teaching of my lecturer the former Justice Jiten Singh, because he made me believe that I am worth more than what I really am.

“My mother, my sister and my special someone who has stood by me in everything I am today. And not forgetting my guardian angel, my dad who I still remember in every hardship I face in life.”


“I love working in a friendly environment where I can learn from others and others can learn from me. Currently, I am working with the warmest group of people who are more like my friends than just my work colleagues,” she said.

“My Principal Amrit Chand has always been a great help to me, I can always count on him in times of difficulties.

“I am a lawyer by profession and my duties include, going to Court, drafting,  meeting clients, advising and a lot of travelling. All these need a lot of patience and competency.”


“I always make sure that I finish all my work before I leave the office so I do not have to take anything home to do even if I have to stay behind and finish it. That is how I get to spend good time at home with my family carefree. My weekends are always dedicated to my family,” she said.

“Anyone can become a lawyer, trust me when I say that because all you need is dedication and lot and lots of hard work. You do not live a boring life trying to become a lawyer because you get to learn a lot.

“Life is short, problems, issues and struggles are temporary. If you cannot do it now or tomorrow then certainly in time when you are adamant to achieve things.

“Situations in life come to many but that should not be a drawback in life for you. Learn from others, learn to share and learn to give if you can because God will help you and situations are just like tests and you will overcome it sooner or later.”


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