Seru Scores Back To Back Victories Downunder

Prolifik fought hard against the new Japan wrestler and came up with a very impressive win.
08 Sep 2019 15:16
Seru Scores Back To Back Victories Downunder

Fijian wrestler Zaac Seru A.K.A.  Prolifik the gifted has continued his domination in the Vulcan Championship Wrestling in Australia after back to back victories over the past two months.

In  his latest bout the Sydney- based professional athlete produced a match of the year performance against VCW number one heavyweight contender Darius Vega.

Prolifik fought hard against the new Japan wrestler and came up with a very impressive win.

A multi-dimensional talent, Prolifik is a successful second-generation wrestler, and a sought-after music producer and DJ, who knows how to move people. Both literally in the ring and through his music.

Prolifik The Gifted, with his striking nature and looks reminiscent of Aquaman, you’re instantly struck at how fitting these two worlds are to him.

Not only does music maketh this man, but Prolifik is also a formidable force in the pro-wrestling world, a sport he fell in love with at a young age thanks to his father, prominent Fijian, John Seru.

John Seru is best known across Australia and the United Kingdom as “Vulcan”, from the original television hit series “Gladiators” and as bad guy “Gabor” from the 1999 James Bond film “The World Is Not Enough” with Pierce Brosnan.

Showing consistent form, Prolifik became the new tag team champion with Samoan wrestler Hudson Hulk last month.

With their size, power and strength no one will ever come close to ever beating these Island boys


Gaining a lot of momentum with sell out crowds across Sydney, VCW has been proving event after event that they are here to shake up the Australian wrestling world.

VCW made history back in July at the renowned Factory Theatre in Marrickville introducing for the first time, ‘BEATS & BEATDOWNS’.

Combining Professional Wrestling with a Live Hip Hop showcase, wrestlers from around Australia and New Zealand competed on the night with local Hip Hop artists, who brought the house down with electrifying performances in between matches.

‘Beats & Beatdowns’ had one of the most eventful cards in VCW history, showcasing some of the best local and international talent.

Latest results of VCW.

1.Prolifik The Gifted defeats Darius Vega: Fiji’s own Prolifik The Gifted continues his domination at VCW by overcoming the technical world class wrestler Darius Vega.

One of the stand out matches of the night, these two well trained wrestlers went back and forth for almost 30 minutes, forcing the audience on the edge of their seats until the second generation wrestler Prolifik, won the match with a flying head butt from the top rope.

2. Jimmy OzTurk defeated Prince of Leon: Eventful match but the talented Prince just couldn’t overcome the power of Ozurk.

3. Kasai defeated Lynx Lewis Jr: High flying match that could have gone either way with the boys showing tremendous aerial and death defying skills but the masked Kasai won the battle in the end.

4. JJ Spartan Champion defeated Rusty Colt: One of the most brutal matches ever to be witnessed at VCW, as the two started brawling on stage during JJ’s entrance with security and VCW staff trying the break them up.

JJ proved why he’s the heavyweight champion ending the match with a third brutal chokeslam, taking home the win.

5. Mike Valuable defeated Kingston (NZ): Classic matchup and ring experience with these two veterans, as they where both fairly evenly matched. Valuable eventually put down Kingston for a three (3) count.

6. Chris Trance (VIC) defeated Matt Grimm (SA): Battle of the giants match as these two wrestlers both over six feet three inches each weighing 110 kgs. Grimm executed a huge super-plex from the second rope.

The determination of Trance outshined the giant Viking, where he eventually ended with the victory.

7. Hudson Hulk defeated Tony Cruise:The unforgettable Cruise was no match for the Samoan Hercules ‘Hudson Hulk’. With his size and power Hulk showed Cruise who’s the king of the ring by pinning him one, two, three.


VCW headed back to the Mytilenian Club for the third installment of Canterbury Carnage but this time, the Cruiserweight, Tag Team and heavyweight championship belts were on the line.

The night also showcased three debutants enjoying their first taste of being pro wrestlers.

1. Renegade defeated Samuel Stone: Rookie Samuel Stone standing at a massive six feet three inches and 110kgs tried his best with his powerful arsenal of moves but was outwrestled by the intelligent Renegade.

2.Tony Cruise defeated Mike Bradley: This was an upbeat and vocal match as rookie Bradley had almost 100 supporters in the audience cheering him on.

The former Rugby League player executed some brilliant power moves but was no match for the well unforgettable Tony Cruise.

3. Xander def OzTurk: Crowd favourite and Greek Superstar Xander was brilliant in his debut match defeating Turkey’s own OZTurk, who entered the Greek venue waving his Turkish flag.

This is a sign of disrespect with the history between Greece and Turkey in the old days which still carried on to this day. With Xander’s powerful size and agility he was able to beat the conniving OZTurk.

Cruiserweight Championship Match.

Prince of Leon defeated Kasai: High flying match from these to cruiserweights with impressive cardio, flexibility and endurance to go with their chiseled bodies. In the end, The Prince of Leon was crowned the first  VCW Cruiserweight champion.

4. Tag Team Championship Match. Polynesian Bulldozers defeated Lee The Man Morrow / AK47: The most powerful tag team in Australia, The Polynesian Bulldozers with a combined weight of 250 kgs where put to the test by AK47 & Lee Morrow as Australia’s most powerful wrestling duo.

The Samoan Hercules ‘Hudson Hulk’ and the Fiji’s own second generation wrestler ‘Prolifik The Gifted’ showed off their island power to be crowned VCW’s first ever Tag Team Champions.

“We are building up for our Mega show planned for Fiji in August 2020,” Seru said.

“With our rising stars we are planning to get ex WWE Superstars from USA, Mexico and Japan for this history making wrestling tour of Fiji.

“This will open up another world wide spectator sport for Fiji.”

Edited by Leone Cabenatabau


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