Letters: 14th September 2019

Let’s hope and pray that Semi Radradra has a big part to play as we plot the Wallabies demise.
14 Sep 2019 15:52
Letters: 14th September 2019

Unethical behaviour

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Very saddening to see people posting and sharing photos on social media of the guy found dead near the Lautoka FSC mill.

So many words of blessings I could have used to refer to this type of people, but it wouldn’t be printed.

My condolences to the family.

Bring back the death penalty

Amrit Singh, Nausori

The crime rate has risen in Fiji in recent months and there is no shortage of the types of criminal endeavours at the moment.

Brutal stabbings are the main criminal of­fence for August and September.

There is a need for a change of laws in Fiji.

It may sound harsh, but the death penalty by hanging in Fiji needs to be passed on account of the severity of the offence.

It will serve as a lesson to the people of Fiji that you cannot escape the law’s brutality.

Fiji is becoming a drama show.

Husbands stabbing wives, fathers murder­ing children, rape and drug cases plaguing the country.

It is like a virus that has taken charge of brains in Fiji.

The Parliament should be just and this topic needs to be addressed.

Criminals who commit murder in Fiji walk free in 25 years.

No matter how much human rights activ­ists shout that criminals have human rights, let’s just remember that activists cannot bring back a life once it’s gone.

Death by hanging should be legalised for those who murder someone brutally.

It will serve as a lesson to all those who want to slaughter a loved one or a friend.

Too much freedom is good, but it is becoming a liability for Fiji.

Every week rape, suicide, murder by stab­bing or domestic violence case is heard and read through the media.

Anger and hatred have filled the minds and hearts of people of Fiji and it is now evident.

Through violence and the resultant deaths, we are showing other countries how low we have stooped in the 21st Century.

Stop violence and criminal activities be­cause the director is looking at us from the heavens.

At least love the God you pray to and stop violence.

Pride and Passion

Pranil Ram, Nadi

I have greatly admired the pride and passion shown by Semi Radradra in representing the Flying Fijians at the world cup.

Radradra is a phenomenal athlete.

Once a most sought about rugby star by dif­ferent rugby clubs, Radradra continues to make headlines.

His ability to break first-up tackles is the trademark of his game.

A player with a sublime skill set who could have easily chosen Australia over Fiji, consid­ering the fact that he has already played for Kangroos.

He could have preferred much higher pay package than what he may get in Fiji.

I deeply believe that his strong commitment and passion to represent his country of birth deserves heaps of accolades.

I am sure this dedication is inspiring and has inspired many young rugby players.

He is truly a national hero.

No matter the result he will be remembered as one of the greatest rugby players.

Whenever he touches the ball we all are excited as we know he is capable of turning things around.

Let’s hope and pray that he has a big part to play as we plot the Wallabies demise.

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