Letters To The Editor: 15th September 2019

Can a study please be carried out on the health effects of breathing in the bagasse ashes from the FSC mill?
15 Sep 2019 12:48
Letters To The Editor: 15th September 2019

Interantional Day of Democracy

Neelz Singh, Lami

Democracy is a universal value based on the freely spoken and expressed will of peo­ple to determine their own political, eco­nomic, social and cultural systems in all aspects of their lives.

Evolved over centuries, democracies share many common features but cannot be re­duced to a single model.

In short, democracy pertains the idea that everyone has the right to have their own be­liefs and to say and write what they think.

This September 15 observed Democracy is an opportunity to look for ways to invigor­ate democracy and seek answers to the sys­temic challenges it faces.

This includes tackling economic and po­litical inequalities, making democracies more inclusive by bringing the young and marginalized into the political system, and making democracies more innovative and responsive to emerging challenges such as migration and climate change.

While also celebrating the positive values of democracy, the International Day of De­mocracy will also offer an opportunity for a review of democracy in the modern world.

Politicians and the Bible

Dharmendra Kumar, Suva

It is good and important to know what the Bible says, but that alone is not enough. We must take the Word into our heart and apply it to every situation we face.

We cannot be spiritually mature and equipped for the work God has called us to do apart from His Word.

The devil is delighted if we fall into the trap of equating more knowledge about the Bible with spiritual growth.

Knowing what God said is important, but alone it is not enough. We must then apply what we have learned to our daily lives. The best way to deepen our relationship with God’s Word is to put it into practice day af­ter day, and allowing what it says to control how we live.

Library Week

Tomasi Boginiso, Fiji

Very important for our kids to read books and to remind the kids by the Library Week are just perfect.

Our children need to read and read as much as they could because the future mainly de­pends on how much they read.

Whatever costume they put together for the week reflect what the future holds for them and hopefully it can guide throughout the school duration.

Bagasse ashes

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Can a study please be carried out on the health effects of breathing in the bagasse ashes from the FSC mill?

Particles are so tiny it even goes through the gauzed windows.

To protect himself, my mate Cameron has started wearing his welding shield over a dust mask when riding his motorcycle.

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