Kava Soap, A Banaban Women’s Club Initiative

She said in July this year, after using the soap for some time, it was put out for sale and the feedback had been “great”.
05 Oct 2019 18:37
Kava Soap, A Banaban Women’s Club Initiative
From left: Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil staff Teriatake, Acting Principal Agriculture Officer North Rohit Lal, Trainee from Kiribati Mwemweteata Teravea, VCO operation manager Terikano Takesao and trainee Meeri Ribabaiti at the Labasa RB Arcade on October 3, 2019. Photo :Laisa Lui

The Banaban Women’s Club has invested in a new Kava Soap Product.

The soap is made from kava residue and is mainly used for skin irritation and removing scaling of the skin (kanikani).

Women’s Club member Terikano Takesau said, sitting home one day and seeing how people were throwing the kava residues, she thought “why not use those residues for something new”.

Ms Takesau then invented her soap product out of the residues.

She said in July this year, after using the soap for some time, it was put out for sale and the feedback had been “great”.

The club’s main product is the virgin coconut oil.

Ms Takesau said that it was her vision to give back to the community while holding the presidency title of the Banaban Women’s Club in 2012.

She was part of a three-month whole nut training in Taveuni in 2012 and was given one machine to start a virgin oil business in Rabi.

With assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Women, Children, Poverty Alleviation, Commissioner Northern’s office and other non-governmental organisations, the business now has six more machines.

In spite of challenges, they have achieved their first five-year objectives and are looking into their next five-year plan – that is to export overseas.

“Everyone on the island is benefiting from this project as families are able to accommodate their children’s educational needs and some basic food items,” Ms Takesau said.

“Our main challenge is to provide quality packing and get organic certification and have more markets as we’re isolated from the mainland,” she said.

Acting Principal for Agriculture Northern, Rohit Lal praised the Women’s Club for utilising their traditional knowledge.

The ladies had set up a table with their value-added products at the RB Arcade in Labasa.

The club earned $60,000 in 2018.

Edited by Selita Bolanavanua


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