Nawi Island Going Green

Nawi Island, Savusavu, is going green. The multimillion-dollar project is a two faceted development which would see : an international marina, a dry dock being built first running in conjunction
03 Nov 2019 15:59
Nawi Island Going Green
Design concept, impression of bamboo structure

Nawi Island, Savusavu, is going green.

The multimillion-dollar project is a two faceted development which would see :

  • an international marina,
  • a dry dock being built first running in conjunction with  the sale of real estate lots ranging from beachfront to ocean view lots
  • and then rolling into Phase two which would be the construction of the boutique Resort and Spa.

Nawi Island Limited (NIL) has also taken great strides and initiative to promote itself as one of the first international green marinas in the world.

This with the focus on renewable energy, sustainable treatment systems, innovative sustainable and organic building materials, in addition to several other attributes, it would be a zero single-use plastic marina.

NIL is working with a Korean bamboo specialist Ewe Jin to include bamboo in all its building.

They are also working on ensuring that all its thatching was unique by using recyclable synthetic thatch.

This specially designed thatch would feature prominently on Nawi. According to Nawi Island Limited, it has been proven to withstand the elements, last for up to 20 years, was fire and infestation resistant and have excellent wind uplift resistance.

It has a 140-mph wind rating and also eliminates the problem of rodent and insect infestation which was a large issue with natural thatch roofs.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental

Nawi Island Limited is also aiming to be a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified.

This is where buildings receive accreditation for renewable practices such as green gardens, renewable waste management system, practices water efficiency, is energy efficient and smart building.

“Having a LEED accreditation shows the global community that the buildings of Nawi are better for the environment; are energy- and water-efficient; have higher lease-up rates than conventional buildings in their markets; are healthier and safer for occupants; and are a physical demonstration of the values of the organisations or the people that own and occupy the property.

This certification will be a positive achievement for the Nawi Development Project and will also see the island gaining global recognition,” Nawi Island Limited said.

An artist’s impression of Nawi Island development project.

An artist’s impression of Nawi Island development project.

Bio Green Waste Management

Another feature of the project would be the installation of a state-of-the-art Bio Green waste management system.

This is a unique and patented method of treating household wastewater to a level that would be suitable for beneficial irrigation of lawns and gardens.

The system mimics the way nature breaks down waste which was far more efficient and less energy-intensive than conventional wastewater treatment.

Similarly, the marina pontoons will have sewer pump-off facility that all yachters could connect to and pump out their sewer. This sewer would then be stored in the waste treatment plant and treated accordingly before final discharge. This facility would be the first of its kind in Savusavu.

Cyclone Protected Haven

Aside from being a green marina, Nawi would be cyclone protected haven maintaining the design criteria, engineering and natural orientation to provide the qualification for a cyclone protected marina that would include eligibility for cyclone insurance coverage for all guests.

Nawi would also be developing an international haul out dry dock facility for maintenance services and long-term storage.

This would be a state-of-the-art service component with a 75-tonne travel lift and capability of storing 250 yachts.

This storage would also be a safe haven for long term storage during cyclone season.

America’s Cup 2021

Meanwhile, at the moment, Nawi is making progress to meet the completion date of its international boutique marina by January 2021.

Their goal was to cater for the spectator superyachts and others to the America’s Cup hosted in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2021.

Nawi Island has been collaborating with various individual stakeholders of the America’s Cup and was very excited to be a part of this world class event.

It is aiming to be the first of its kind in the South Pacific with yacht owners experiencing a one stop shop facility set in the idyllic surroundings and pristine waters of Savusavu.

Other features:

The marina would be offering a total of 144 berths for up to 70m superyachts.

Its boutique central facility would be a resort experience for clients including restaurants, yacht club, spa, accommodation, retails, pool and green spaces.

In addition to this, it would have a historical nautical museum that would share and educate its clients on the marina aspects of Fiji including the culture, traditions and several historical pieces to showcase this wonderful culture.

To date the company had invested FJ$50 million in the project design, entitlements and construction, with additional $50m to slated for ongoing progress.


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