‘No Regrets Being A Fisherman’

Ravosau earns at least $500 to $600 a week in fish sales.
05 Dec 2019 15:34
‘No Regrets Being A Fisherman’
Maikeli Ravosa at the Lautoka Market. Photo: Salote Qalubau

Forty-year-old Maikeli Ravosau from Waya, Yasawa, has no regrets about becoming a fisherman five years ago.

Mr Ravosau sells ‘saqa’, ‘kawakawa’ and other fish species and earns at least $500 to $600 in a week. The prices on his catch ranges from $15 to $25.

The sole fisherman in the family said: “I used to work in many big companies before, but I didn’t like anyone to boss me around. So with my business, I am my own boss.

“Being a fisherman is good because I bring whatever I catch and sell it,” the 40-year-old Waya, Yasawa, fisherman said.

He has been selling fish for the past five years now and was catching fish from Waya. He has three fishing boats – one is being used to transport the fish from Waya to Lautoka while the other is used for diving.

Mr Ravosau said he employ’s four people who work on a daily basis diving for fish.

“They leave at around 7am or 8am and return at about 5pm. While I wait for them I sell my leftover fish from the day before,” the father of four said.

“For the fish that’s not sold I put them in the storage coolers here at the fish market or at my home.”

As the festive season kicks in, Mr Ravosau said customers can be rest assured that his fish prices will not change.

“Selling fish is good business because all Fijians eat and buy fish,” he said.

Edited by Naisa Koroi


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