‘MHCC Tower Project On Track’

Carpenters Fiji Limited managing director, Daniel Whippy has confirmed testing works have resumed on the MHCC Tower development in Suva.
13 Dec 2019 19:38
‘MHCC Tower Project On Track’
Celebrating 12 years since the big MHCC Complex in downtown Suva opened. From left: Carpenters Fiji Limited director Shanti Lourdenadin, Santa Claus, Carpenters Fiji Limited managing director Daniel Whippy and Carpenters Shipping general manager Hoshnever Trombaywalla on December 12, 2019. Photo: Shaamal Sami

Carpenters Fiji Limited managing director, Daniel Whippy has confirmed testing works have resumed on the MHCC Tower development in Suva.

The target to complete the MHCC Tower was next year before moving to other major projects.

Mr Whippy said: “Currently we are still doing review works, we have had successful tests about a few weeks ago.” He said they have tested grid 8 and grid 9, so the piles in grids 8-9 are good they have recorded no movement. We are going to test grid 6. Grid 5 as you know we have put some micro-piles in so that has stabilised the building.

“There is no more settling. Maybe Sunday or Monday we will test grid 6. We hoping for a good result.”

Otherwise there has been no disruption to the daily operations of MHCC.

“ MHCC will be operating in full this time next year, where the rest of the building will get its shopping space back and the carpark will be open.”

MHCC birthday

MHCC celebrated its 12th birthday by having the directors and senior management cut a big birthday cake and share it with customers and tenants of MHCC Complex.

Mr Whippy said: “This is our 12th year since we opened in 2007, we are proud that we will be back this time next year.”

Carpenters Suva Foreshore Development

In terms of Carpenters Suva Foreshore Development, he said, they have one more approval to obtain from Fiji Roads Authority (FRA).

Mr Whippy added that the development will be the first major mixed-use waterfront development in Suva, featuring more 40,000-sq-m of waterfront retail, entertainment and dining venues, as well as more than 50,000-sq-m of commercial and hotel space.

It is understood the projects may take another four to five years before the completion of the whole area.

As far as the contractors of the multibillion dollar project, he said they are still in discussion with the original contractor of the project, Pacific Building Solutions.

“We are hoping to have it sorted out by the end of this week. We have had series of meeting with Suva City Council (SCC), FRA, Town and Country Planning, in the last two-three weeks, so we have satisfied their request.

“We are hoping to get the FRA approval and then we will start building again.

“We spent $10-12 million on this project. But we haven’t estimated costs incurred with the delay, that’s why we want to wrap it up quickly because the consultancy fees are increasing as we continue with this delay.”

FRA chief executive officer Jonathan Moore said: “It is the responsibility of the developer to undertake a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) for their project. Carpenters are currently working on submitted a final TIA report as per the Terms of Reference (TOR) issued by FRA last year.

“There have made partial submissions on some key aspects of the report, but they are yet to fully address all the issues highlighted within the TOR issued and submit a comprehensive TIA report for FRA’s assessment and approval.

“From FRA’s perspective, Carpenters needs to submit a complete TIA on the project for FRA’s assessment and approval.

“In summary a TIA is require to understand the impact the development will have on the existing road network and how can these impacts (if any) will be mitigated. A TIA is one of the important technical documents required for the issuance of a permission to building for major projects (building permit) through the Suva City Council,” Mr Moore said.


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