Boutique Kava Set For International Exposure

“Who’s got the best grog?” and, “Where’s the best place for some good grog?” were legitimate and frequently asked questions from those who knew what they wanted."
29 Dec 2019 12:37
Boutique Kava Set For International Exposure
Pouches of Koula Kava Fiji on display. Photo: Koula Kava Fiji

It started on the back of daily rhetoric and the often constant search for the best place to buy good kava.

Kava lovers – in this instance Jarrel Kamea and his mates were always searching for quality kava for their regular consumption.

“Who’s got the best grog?” and, “Where’s the best place for some good grog?” were legitimate and frequently asked questions from those who knew what they wanted.

How it all began

Topical too to discuss and share what, to the likes, is vital information, if, like the young Mr Kamea, you are a habitual kava drinker who values what is known in the business as “clean” kava.

That was, until five months ago when Mr Kamea’s partner, serial entrepreneur Paul­ine Benson put an end to the almost un­nerving questions.

Ms Benson took it upon herself to research the best kava sources before packaging and branding it as a boutique product.

Koula Kava was thus born.

The premium product, complete with flashy gold colored packaging, will feature at the Auckland Food Show next year.

“We only use 100 percent pure, quality hand-pounded kava, sourced directly from farmers in Taveuni with Kadavu, with whom I work closely to ensure we only have the best kava and keep consistency,” Ms Benson said.

Ms Benson, director of Koula Kava, is excited about showcasing the products of one of her numerous companies when she takes to the Auckland fair.

“We were always looking for good quality kava, so through that, I kind of did my own sort of research,” she said.

Spurred by her background in packag­ing and branding, Ms Benson ventured in to the high-end market with gold colored packets for her carefully selected hand pounded kava.

“They’re one of the best,” she said of the quality of kava her company provides.

Amid the competitive market of brand suppliers, Ms Benson says Koula Kava is set aside by the fact that it is boutique prod­uct.

Pauline Benson.

Pauline Benson.

“I’m promoting it as a high quality, high brand boutique and crafted, well hand-pounded kava,” she said, adding that she’s big on transparency.

Supporting local farmers

Koula Kava gets its supply from two farm­ers.

“It’s all about supporting local farmers and building the brand to boutique quality and, packaging quality.”

The business is into its fifth month of op­eration where everything but the packag­ing is locally sourced.

“I do all the labeling, branding and am lworking with a social media curator to re­ally push the brand,”

Koula Kava, a premium boutique product, will feature at the Auckland Food Show.she said.

Koula Kava can be bought from The Gal­ley, a restaurant of hers operating out of the Royal Suva Yacht Club at Walu Bay.

“I am looking to put it into supermarkets as well.

“You can also order online,” Ms Benson said.


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