Dominion Bus Transport Ends Services

Company director says they have run out of money to finance the business.
04 Jan 2020 09:46
Dominion Bus Transport Ends Services
The Dominion Transport Company stopped operations on Friday.

After 56 years of providing transportation for resi­dents living between Nadi and Sigatoka, a Nadi bus company ended its services on Thursday.

In a statement, Dominion Transport Company Limited director, Satya Nadan, said it was a sad time for him and his 30 or more employees.

“I am sad that after 56 years of providing bus services to more than 70 per cent of the people in the interior from Nadi to Sigatoka, my company had to stop operating,” he said.

“We can no longer continue to provide the service be­cause we have run out of money and I can no longer pay my bus drivers and staff members their wages or even the fuel to run my buses.

“There is so much of me that wants to continue serving the communities that my family has served since 1964. I have 34 employees and more than 100 family members who rely on us. I have mortgages to pay, but 30 buses parked and not earning money makes no sense.”

He claimed that he received a letter from the Land Trans­port Authority’s Nadi branch manager, Livai Bauleka, to cease operations and that he should have practiced better financial management.

Mr Nadan also claimed that he has been raising the same issue since 2016, but nothing has been done.

LTA declined to comment on the issue.

“I do not agree with the point that the running and fi­nancing of our business is a matter wholly within our di­rect control,” Mr Nadan said.

He further claimed that 80 per cent of his routes were gravel roads and this incurred a lot of cost on mainte­nance.

“My company’s situation today is tragic. The bank will no longer fund our operations, but despite my best efforts we finally ground to a halt yesterday (Thursday) when I ran out of money,” he said.

Edited by Naisa Koroi



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