Winston Drops Guard To Janelle’s Charm

Winston Hill and Janelle Wong celebrate their sixth Valentine’s Day today.
14 Feb 2020 16:53
Winston Drops Guard To Janelle’s Charm
Love is in the air...Janelle Wong with her boyfriend Winston Hill during their special Valentine's lunch date on February 13, 2020. Photo: Ronald Kumar.


Winston Hill and Janelle Wong celebrate their sixth Valentine’s Day today.

Their journey has not been easy sailing.

There have been rough patches between them but they have come through unscathed because they trust each other and they are always communicating.

They believe that their bond is genuine; they are willing to fight for their love no matter what.

They are not only life partners but also business partners.

Last year, they opened the first Boxing Gym franchise in Fiji and this was after Mr Hill signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Young Entrepreneur Scheme (YES) Fiji.

“People trying to come in between us, stories bubbling up about myself and about her and trying to break us and we found it within ourselves to look pass all that and really depend on each other to anchor ourselves down and find the love we have for each other is stronger than what people would say,” Mr Hill said.

“Whenever she (Janelle) says that she is going out with her girlfriends I always tell her to enjoy herself and to call me if she needs a lift and it is vice-versa. I don’t tell her that she is supposed to be back at this time or give me a call at this time,” he said.

“So, it is about being able to trust each other.”

Miss Wong said one of their strong points was that they always talked to each other.

She said she was attracted to Mr Hill and she knew what she wanted the first time they met.

“Winston is just this friendly character, he has this warmth about him. One of the things is his work ethics and it really did attract me and still does,” Miss Wong said.

“He was always attentive to all the clients and nobody was left out and I really liked that about it,” she said.

In many relationships, you will hear that the guy asked the girl out but for this couple it was different.

Their case Ms Wong invited him for dinner three times before he joined her at the Bad Dog restaurant at Damodar City.

“The first time he turned me down I pretty much understood because he was always busy with work as he starts early in the morning and finishes late at night after cleaning up and all that,” she said.

“When I asked him out again and he said he was in Levuka, my family is actually from Levuka so we started chatting and there was connection there apart from just the gym.

“The third time charm was the start of our relationship, partnership.”

Miss Wong said their relationship was far from being perfect but they work together in the relationship.

“Keep the line of communication open.

“Winston and I are still learning and we are still growing with each other personally and as a couple.

“We are not experts at all but we try to be the best of ourselves and the best we can.

“We believe that Valentine’s Day is every day. We have date nights and we have time for each other outside our work.

“The foundation of any relationship needs to be solid. Relationship is a partnership and not an ownership.”

Ms Wong left a high paying job with a law firm to partner Mr Hill in their business venture.

Edited by Karalaini Waqanidrola


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