Men Watch Pornography On Sunday Mornings Says Opposition Whip, Lynda Tabuya

She claims that telecommunications companies reveal this information to her. “The statistics have shown that Fiji ranks among the top 10 of the word ‘porn’ and ‘pornography’ searches on Google, again very disturbing.”
15 Feb 2020 11:31
Men Watch Pornography On Sunday Mornings Says Opposition Whip, Lynda Tabuya
SODELPA Member of Parliament and Opposition Whip Lynda Tabuya. Photo: Fonua Talei

The highest viewing time for pornography in Fiji is on Sunday morning, with the highest viewing by men.

And the highest pornography viewing time by children is during homework time, says SODELPA member of Parliament and Opposition Whip Lynda Tabuya.

She said local telecommunication companies she spoke to disclosed the worrying trend.

She said this was a subject matter hardly ever talked about.

Ms Tabuya’s statement during next week’s Parliament sitting will focus on this same issue.

She is calling for a subsequent ban of all pornography websites in Fiji, likening it to a ban on hard drugs.

“Pornography should be taken seriously as the new drug. We should completely ban that from Fiji just like how we banned hard drugs, ice and other drugs that are in the market,” she said.

Referring to web analytics service provider SimilarWeb, Ms Tabuya said that three pornography websites make the top 10 most searched websites in the country.

“At number four is xnxx.com, number five is xvideos.com and number eight is Pornhub which are billion-dollar industries that are selling pornography and making pornography so readily available to anyone and children included and also YouTube is number three on the list, but even YouTube has free porn in its database,” Ms Tabuya said.

“The statistics have shown that Fiji ranks among the top 10 of the word ‘porn’ and ‘pornography’ searches on Google, again very disturbing.

“Why is this an issue for us here in Fiji? Why should we be concerned about this? Because it has been shown medically and because more people and organisations are pinpointing pornography as a possible correlation between pornography and sexual violence.

“We are pre-empting a drug that is now out in the market so easily accessible to our children and adults and there is no control over it.”

She said her role as an MP and parent was to raise the issue in public so that people were aware of pornography as a drug that had the same addictive effects as sugar, and cocaine.

“I don’t think people are aware of that in this country and we need to have that conversation we need to talk about it, the churches need to talk about it, sports administrators, schools, parents, stakeholders, telecommunication companies, internet giants but together the policymakers and the legislators really need to come down hard on this.”
Fiji Free From Porn

Ms Tabuya launched a movement on January 28, 2020, called ‘Fiji Free from Porn’ comprising concerned parents who were aware of the worldwide movement to ban or censor pornography.

The movement gained online traction and popularity with the set-up of its Facebook page which Ms Tabuya said is open to everyone to join.

She said parents must be vigilant when giving children access to the internet as pornographic material are readily available online.

“It is very easy nowadays to give the phone to your child because it keeps them busy or they are doing their work. When children are at home with a nanny or a family member, they are doing homework and they have to access the internet because a lot of the assessments they are getting now for school work they have to research on the internet.

“So, they are going to Google and they are going to YouTube and they are viewing this.

“Parents should know what their children are doing and what they are viewing.”

She acknowledged several school heads who were receptive to the movement and allowed them to educate students about the damaging effects of porn.

“We hope that more schools will be given approval by the Ministry of Education to allow us to go and present to the students so we hope that will happen in the future.”

Ms Tabuya also highlighted that porn dehumanises loving relationships that are based on emotions, love and trust adding that it also desensitizes people to violence and abuse.


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