Sex Worker Defends Group After Taxi Driver Claims

She said no sex worker would attack another person.
22 Feb 2020 10:05
Sex Worker Defends Group After Taxi Driver Claims

A local sex worker did not hold back yesterday defending her group against “unfair attacks.”

“We are peaceful and we do not cause trouble,” she said.

She was referring to a call by the Fiji Taxi Association general secretary Ashwin Lal for all taxi drivers to stay away from sex workers after a Lautoka driver alleged he was threatened by three women.

The mother of one felt so passionate about the issue that she had no problem being identified.

She said no sex worker would attack another person.

The sex worker said she joined the sex trade after she dropped out of secondary school.

She told the Fiji Sun, becoming involved in sex work was the only option she had after she dropped out of school. She claimed there was lack of support from her family.

“I ended up on the streets because something happened in my family, I feel the pain from my heart. There was no support from my family. My mum is not working. My dad is not working that’s why I’m doing this,” she said.

“It’s the only option for me because I didn’t finish my education. I went only up to Form Three (Year Nine). I saw that my parents struggled to support me.

“I am not here every day, only sometimes when I need the money, when there is no food at home then I come here.”

She said on a good day from 9am to midday, she earns $180. On average she spent three days a week doing this.

“Living on the streets is okay with us because people have family problems and being on the streets is the only place to find relief.”

She said she was not ashamed of negative comments from some members of the public.

“This is the only job I know to put food on the table for my family,”she said.

“I tell them this is my job, I don’t need somebody to come and disturb me.”

She is part of a group of 10 sex workers who hang around Shirley Park, Narara Parade and an alley on the main street of Lautoka. They come to Shirley Park to sleep for safety because it is near a Police Post.

Edited by Jonathan Bryce


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