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Not The Time For NFP ‘Little Political Gimmick’

This is the only Government that had to deal with a monster storm, back to back cyclones, back to back flooding, global economic downturn and now COVID-19.
24 Mar 2020 11:58
Not The Time For NFP ‘Little Political Gimmick’
NFP leader Biman Prasad.

On March 20, National Federation Party leader Biman Prasad made some silly comments about an article in the Financial Times authored by the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum in which he discussed the mini budget as well.

The very next day, Mr Prasad sent a letter to the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama in which he said the NFP trio wanted to assist in putting together the supplementary budget.

What changed in 24 hours?

Why the sudden change of heart? Perhaps the lack of public attention is forcing them to be seen?

In the said letter to Mr Bainimarama, Mr Prasad and Co were hilariously incorrect. In order to give substance to his political gimmick, NFP leader said: “The most significant example of this is the co-operation between the Republican controlled White House and Senate and the Democratic controlled Congress in the United States. This is despite a bitter and acrimonious process and debate over the recently concluded impeachment proceedings against the President.”

There’s just one glaring issue in this statement.

It is an outright lie, yet another poorly researched comment by Mr Prasad.

His analysis on US bipartisanship is total, as they say in America, “fake news”.

No bill has been passed, let alone “unanimously”. The proposed bills haven’t even cleared procedural hurdles to come to the floor to vote.

Not to mention, the Democrat control the house in America. They have to work with the President to pass anything. Very different from running a 3-seat Party as in the case of Mr Prasad’s.

If Mr Prasad and his gang of two were really genuine about the whole process, the NFP leader would have been ready to help without any political gimmick.

He knows very well that before he took over the reigns of NFP the second time around, Mr Prasad was asked to give his input into the national budget. He refused to do so. He decided that he did not want to have anything to do with what the country was going through.

His stance changed when he became a politician. If he was indeed genuine in his approach and not sent that letter as part of a political ploy, he would have been happy to help more than a decade ago. That time his help would have been genuine, without needing any political kudos.

This is not time for your little political ploys, Mr Prasad. Where you failed to give your advice when asked, others stepped up and put this country first. Let the experts do their job.

This is the only Government that had to deal with a monster storm, back to back cyclones, back to back flooding, global economic downturn and now COVID-19. Leave the experts to it, Mr Prasad, and do some research before writing to the Head of Government to avoid becoming a laughing stock.


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