War On COVID-19: Beat The Boredom During Lockdown, Self-Isolation

To those with children, be innovative and create activities that will keep them occupied and busy.
27 Mar 2020 14:38
War On COVID-19: Beat The Boredom During Lockdown, Self-Isolation


Boredom can easily set in if we are stuck at home in self isolation and lockdown mode indefinitely.

But we can be innovative and engage ourselves with activities to beat it.

Here are 10 things we can do to maintain. Our sanity:

1) First and foremost, keep updated with the latest news and developments by accessing media that will give you factual, reliable and useful information.

Try to stay away from social media because of the danger of fake news.

In New Zealand, Sky NZ and internet broadband providers have helped Kiwis access news particularly on coronavirus and keep them entertained during the lockdown period. Sky NZ has given some services free. Those who previously could not afford CNN, Fox, CNBC and BBC, now enjoy these services free of charge.

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Sky Pacific which provides those services could offer them free during the duration of the crisis,

Sky NZ has also provided some entertainment and movie channels to those who could not afford them to keep them entertained.

2) This may be a good time to do unfinished work around the house. In the Do It Yourself (DIY) context, if you have everything at home as far as material is concerned, go for it.

If you have children at home who are old enough to help get them to lend a hand e.g. cleaning house

3) If you have some land in your backyard, dig it up and plant vegetables that you can eat in a few months time. Call experts to give you tips on the phone or internet if you don’t know how to get started.

A good place to start is the package offered by the Ministry of Agriculture that is designed to help you access fresh and nutritious food.

4) If you do not have one, plan a family budget on how you will survive the next month or so with the input of all the family members.

It should include the provision of necessities of life like water and food.

There is no need to panic buy because the supermarkets will not be closed.

They are part of essential services. Cutting wastage and saving resources should be part of the family goals.

Daily monitoring of the family’s situation should keep the family alert.

5) To those with children, this would be a great opportunity to teach them house work, from cleaning dishes to cleaning bathrooms and toilets. They need to understand the meaning of the saying ‘Cleanliness is Next to Godliness’, they also need to learn that they too are responsible for keeping the house clean.

Hygiene is the top priority during the coronavirus crisis.

6) As part of time management training, the family should set aside time for cleaning the house, outdoor activities, doing school work/study, accessing coronavirus news through newspapers, internet, television or radio and entertainment.

7) For students in the house this is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on schoolwork and revision because you are not allowed to go out and meet your friends.

Using technology they can link up with their teachers and lecturers online to continue their learning programmes.

This is what’s happening in New Zealand where there is a total nation-wide lockdown.

Education continues – online. SET UP A TIMETABLE OF SCHOOL WORK AND ACTIVITIES TO PLAN DAYS, weeks and months.

Do this with your children as it gives them ownership and accountability.

8) This is a good time to start physical exercise, if you have not started. You can jog or walk around the house, up and down stairs in a multi- storey building and do exercise.

Regular exercise is good for the mind and the heart. For children, an obstacles course can be set up as part of their physical activities to make them interesting.

9) Maintain contact with loved ones who do not live with you through your phone or laptop. This is important psychologically and emotionally. Connecting with relatives and friends ensures that we do not feel lonely and isolated.

10) Help someone today – there may be somebody in your neighbourhood who needs help. Reaching out to help someone online will brighten their day and yours too.

You can do it staying home.

You can get things delivered to the needy person’s home without you leaving your home.


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