Win, Win For All: Roy Krishna Joins Barter For Better System

Life must go on and if exchanges like these work out, then it should continue-Roy Krishna.
09 May 2020 12:52
Win, Win For All: Roy Krishna Joins Barter For Better System
Front fourth from left Roy Krishna with the K9E Brothers at Ba yesterday. Photo: Adriu Naisoroki

Roy Krishna teamed up with the six –member K9E Brothers in the Barter for Better Fiji initiative in Ba yesterday.

The brothers led by local and OFC referee Adriu Naisoroki accepted a deal with Vodafone Fiji and ATK football captain in a bid to survive the tough times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Krishna said he knew some of the brothers through football and was glad they were able to work out a deal for the betterment of their family.

“I’m happy that they are able to strategise after losing their jobs during COVID-19 to find alternative ways to provide for their families,” Krishna said.

“My in-laws family home in Ba needed some work so it was good they come and do some work. It’s a win-win for all of us.”

He said the Ba Town Council was urging everyone to clean their yards to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

“It was a good time to engage the services of Adriu and the K9E team. My wife found out about them through Barter for Better Fiji on Facebook and we reached out to them.

“We’ve been away for awhile and have been planning on pruning the trees and clearing wild plants and flowers so this came at the right time.

“I’m fully supportive of the old way of trading using modern technology and social media. I remember when it was still practiced growing up. I am glad we are bringing it back especially during such times when people are unemployed and cash flow is low.

“I’ve seen how much the modern day barter system is working out and I’m happy for the traders other, I’m all for it.”

Krishna also helped the boys while they are working and said it feels great to share this experience and get some workout in the process.

Krishna trains regularly doing road runs around the field at the Fiji Football Academy in Ba.

At home he does exercises outdoors as well.

“Planning to plant as well after the yard is cleared. I’d love to plant cassava and some vegetables and fruits as we have a bit of idle land around,” he said.

“During these days we need to keep our physical and mental health in check.

“It’s easy to lose track of our fitness when there’s no structured or regular schedule. During these uncertain times we need to still eat healthy and stay fit.

“Look for alternative ways of staying focused even during tough times because we are not too far away from making a turnaround.

“If we look at how our ancestors lived in the past, there’s so much to learn from.

“It is also a reality check about what’s important in life.”

Naisoroki said it was a good experience to share quality time for a good cause with a renowned footballer.

Edited by Osea Bola


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