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Rapist Grandpa Jailed For 11 Years

The offender, a grandfather, was jailed for 11 years for rape and three years for the offence of sexual assault.
22 Jul 2020 09:43
Rapist Grandpa Jailed For 11 Years

Rape is an unwarranted intrusion into the privacy of a person. It is an ultimate act of showing utter disrespect to a person. Therefore, those who commit this offence, must expect a lengthy prison sentence to restore the balance, the harmony, and atonement to the victim.

High Court Judge Justice Salesi Temo once again reiterated this message while sentencing a 60-year-old man convicted for raping and sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl.

The offender, a grandfather, was jailed for 11 years for rape and three years for the offence of sexual assault.

Both sentences were made concurrent, with a non-parole period of eight years. Justice Temo said Parliament viewed the offence as a serious one as it violated the dignity of a person.

To the offender, Justice Temo said he was supposed to look after and care for the young children of the village.

“You were supposed to ensure their safety while they roam around the village. However, you abused the trust the child victim had in you,” he said.

“You bribed the victim to come to your tent with biscuits, noodles and money. Then, you did the unthinkable by sexually assaulting and raping her. By offending against the victim, you had no regards to her right as a child, no regard to her right as a human being, and no regard to her right to live a happy and peaceful life.

“You must understand that you will have to be punished with a heavy prison sentence.”

Justice Temo highlighted that rape of children was becoming prevalent in our society, despite the heavy prison sentences passed by the Courts. He said the court had said in the past, and would keep on saying that it would not tolerate the abuse of children in our society.

Justice Temo has issued a permanent domestic violence order with standard non-molestation conditions for the safety of the victim. The order remains subject to the orders of the Court. The offences took place between January 16 and April 21, 2017, in Lau. The offender was the victim’s grandfather.

On three separate occasions, the offender enticed the victim to his tent with the promise of biscuits, noodles, and money. Naively, the victim went to his tent. The offender cunningly took off the victim’s clothes and performed sexual acts on her. Justice Temo said the offence of rape carried a maximum sentence to life imprisonment.

Edited by Caroline Ratucadra


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