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2020-2021 National Budget To Provide 1800 Fijians With Jobs

Mr Bainimarama said: “You don’t build morale by breaking people down. You don’t build morale by wishing for the worst. You do it by building confidence.
28 Jul 2020 10:22
2020-2021 National Budget To Provide 1800 Fijians With Jobs
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. Photo: Kelera Sovasiga

Government capital projects earmarked in the 2020-2021 national budget will provide 1800 Fijians with jobs.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama this as he highlighted why it was important that Government construction projects continued especially in the current climate.

“Mr Speaker, across the country, we have construction projects that are ready to begin,” Mr Bainimarama said.

“These are projects for which approvals have been sought and every box has been ticked, save for the ground-breaking.

“Take for example, the new Nakasi Police Station. Should we not press forward with its construction and create 200 jobs that last two years, allowing those Fijians to earn a living?

“And when it’s all said and done, we’ve built a new Police station so our children will not have to, we’ve created a source of employment for the new Police officers we’re committed to hire, all while paying the salaries of construction workers the entire way. Of course we should build it.

“And that is why we are also pressing ahead with the CWM Hospital Projects, the Lautoka Police Station, the Nadi Police Station, the Ba Court House, the Prime Minister’s Office Complex and other projects, the construction of which will employ over 1600 Fijians.

“Mr Speaker, these aren’t rich people. These are ordinary, hardworking Fijians whose skills ought to be earning them a living.”

Guaranteed cane price

He clarified once again that the sugarcane farmers will continue to receive their guaranteed cane price.

“Mr Speaker, we promised cane growers a guaranteed price per tonne of $85 for three full seasons. That promise will be delivered,” he said.

“The first three payments of the third season will be paid at $70 per tonne, but in the fourth and final wash-up payment, we’ll make up the full amount of $85 per tonne, as we always do. Mr Speaker, our growers know they can count on this government.

“In total, we’ve provided nearly $300 million in direct support to cane farmers over the past seven years. Cane growing is the only agricultural sector to which we guarantee a price per tonne, and that relief comes on top of the cane planting grant, the building of new cane access roads, the subsidisation of fertiliser and weedicide, the buying of new trucks, the assistance we grant new farmers, and our commitment to accelerating mechanisation, will all which are fully funded this year.

“Again, I’m not sure why some media keep parroting lies from failed politicians without even seeking comment from government. Luckily, our cane growers are well familiar with how our payment system functions –– even if some newspapers are not.”

Building morale:

Mr Bainimarama said: “You don’t build morale by breaking people down. You don’t build morale by wishing for the worst. You do it by building confidence.

“You do it by staying positive. You do it both by listening and by being decisive when the urgency is greatest.”

And, he reminded Opposition that building morale is what his Government has been doing.

“That is what my Government did, that is what we will continue to do. And if you believe in this country, if you believe in our people, I urge you to stand with us. Be part of Fiji’s greatest-ever comeback, get behind this budget, get behind our game plan, and let’s get Fiji back to work.”

Edited by Ranoba Baoa


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