Saved By Church – Methodists Help Matacaucau Villagers ‘Break Free’

Headman Semi Radaniva said confusion, lust, incest, fornication and a lot of evil things had plagued and consumed the village, which was evident in the village.
10 Aug 2020 12:37
Saved By Church – Methodists Help Matacaucau Villagers  ‘Break Free’
Matacaucau Circuit Minister Reverend Samuel Ulaikarawa presents a tabua to the President of the Methodist Church Rev Epineri Vakadewavosa as the church begins a new journey.

What happened two Sundays ago in Matacaucau Village, Tailevu, was a ‘Spiritual Revival’ for the church and a wake-up call for villagers.

Headman Semi Radaniva said confusion, lust, incest, fornication and a lot of evil things had plagued and consumed the village, which was evident in the village.

But all that has changed after the church intervened.

Mr Radaniva said traditional values, systems and beliefs seemed to have diluted from people’s everyday living.

The village had gone into a month of fasting and prayer for the month of July.

“Church elders began interceding for their children, their families, for the education of their children and their success and for families to turn back to God,” he said.

He also highlighted that what kept many of them captive or spiritually bonded began to manifest itself in the village.

Young people who did not realise that “something” or “someone” possessed them began to reveal themselves; he said some began to slither like snakes, some barked like dogs and began to act pig-like.

“People did not realise that this was a generational curse and it must end,” Mr Radaniva said.

“From that Sunday when the revival happened, we felt like the bondage was lifted spiritually.”

He said from that Sunday he began to see changes in the lives of his people.

Mr Radaniva said for his family personally, he could see a huge transformation in the lives of his six children and his wife.

“My personal testimony is that God visited my family here that Sunday and I owe my life and my family’s to Him (God),” he said.

Church role

Last Sunday, the president of the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma, Reverend Epineri Vakadewavosa, together with church elders were part of the ‘Veivakasavasavataki ena loma ni koro ko Matacaucau’ (Spiritual Cleansing for the village of Matacaucau).

Reverend Vakadewavosa said what happened last Sunday was a spiritual awakening for the Tabacakacaka o Waimaro.

“Many, who were part of the service that day could discern that the Holy Spirit was doing a new thing,” he said.

“I was impressed by how the young people took charge of themselves and recommitted themselves to God on that day; it was moving to watch and see burdens lifted.”

Reverend Vakadewavosa highlighted that it was time for church leaders around the country to come together and take charge of what the devil had stolen from families, which was time spent together with their families.

Two years ago the church transferred Reverend Samuel Ulaikarawa to Matacaucau, Tabacakacaka Waimaro, Wasewase o Bau.

He received a lot of criticism from many for the changes he brought with him concerning the church.

Church members said they agreed with the new direction the church was taking concerning the lives of villagers.


Reverend Vakadewavosa said the ceremony performed last week was in humility and surrender by the village to the church.

He said there was nothing sinister or malicious about the traditional protocol performed by the people of Matacaucau at the end of prayer and fasting period.

Village headman Mr Radaniva said he was surprised with what was being circulated by those who do not know what happened.

“We were captives (spiritually) set free,” he said.

Edited by Naisa Koroi

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