Consultations For Business Park Plan

A $12 million business park is proposed for Veisari on the outskirts of Lami, in what is believed to be a first of its kind for Fiji.
31 Aug 2020 12:32
Consultations For Business Park Plan
Blue Horizon Property Group general manageer and Pacific Building Solutions Group of Companies spokesman, Mark Acraman.

A $12 million business park is proposed for Veisari on the outskirts of Lami, in what is believed to be a first of its kind for Fiji.

Spanning seven acres of land, the Suva West Business Park will feature warehouses, which will be on rent.

Lead consultant on the project and general manager of Blue Horizon Property Group, Mark Acraman, said part of the land would also feature the headquarters of Pacific Building Solutions (PBS) Group of Companies.

Blue Horizon Property Group is a subsidiary of PBS Group of Companies.

“We’re currently renting where we are,” Mr Acraman, who is also spokesman for PBS Group of Companies, said.

State of the art

State of the art warehouses will be constructed at the site over a 16-month period, preluded by a 12-month land and civil works development, he said.

Land and civil works is expected to commence from February 2021, while an estimated 100 workers are expected to be employed during the course of the entire construction phase of the business park.

“We’re taking advantage of what the Government has provided – thus the initiative on our part,” Mr Acraman said.

The construction of warehouses will be carried out on a piecemeal basis, as and when demand arises, he said.

“We’ll start with a few warehouses though,” Mr Acraman said.

Development of the land is pegged at $2 million, while the construction of light industrial warehouses are projected to cost $10 million.


“The excitement for us is that at a time when the economy is suffering from the impact of COVID-19, we have the balls to carry out something of this magnitude,” Mr Acraman said.

PBS Group of Companies launched its Tamavua Estate in May this year, featuring a collection of boutique luxury homes which were scooped up almost immediately by the market.

“The Suva West Business Park is a master-planned architectural development of modern standards that will feature manicured gardens,” Mr Acraman said.

“Most developers are developing individual properties, where we have decided to go on a broader scale with ours.”

Location, public consultation

The proposed park will be located across the Queens Road from Orchid Island.

“We acquired the land three years ago,” Mr Acraman said.

A public consultation on the development will be held in Lami next week, after PBS Group of Companies commissioned an environmental impact assessment for the development.

Public consultation will be held at 6pm on Wednesday at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints premises in Lami, where an overwview of the proposed project is expected to be presented.

This week’s public consultation will identify potential environmental and social impacts, and discuss mitigating measures.


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