Ablaze Netters Thriving In Suva

Ablaze One and Ablaze Two competing in the Roses and Princess grades respectively are two unbeaten teams so far.
06 Sep 2020 10:13
Ablaze Netters Thriving In Suva
Nadera Crystal clash with Nadera Ruby in the Nasinu Netball Association competition at the National Netball Centre in Suva on September 5, 2020. Photo: Ronald Kumar

The Ablaze Heart Netball Club aims to produce national reps in future.

In just their second year playing in the Suva Netball Association they’ve fared well.

Senior team official Moape Vu said the club comprised 100 players with the youngest being six years old and the oldest 55 competing in all eight grades.

Ablaze One and Ablaze Two competing in the Roses and Princess grades respectively are two unbeaten teams so far.

“The Ablaze Club started in Tailevu in the 80s and later switched to Veiyasana club in 2000 in Suva. “So we decided to started anew and call it Ablaze, based on Psalms 10: 11.

“We show our heart towards the game, most of us are tested on the court. We just want to have a clean heart, and forming this club is meant to bring our players from primary to secondary schools in the Nasinu area.

“I for one have exposed them from Under-9 so this where we develop them.”

They were eliminated in the Super Grade knockout semifinal last year and hope to be better this year.

“We won the knockout in our first year,” he said.

Some Super Grade players include national reps Nina Cirikisuva and Jesse Vakaloloma.


Roses: CBM Rubbies 8-9 Ablaze Three, Ablaze Two 7-3 CBM Diamonds, GH Kool Netters Two 0-13 Lomaiviti Moturiki, GH Kool Netters 11-1 Tagimoucia, CBM Sisters 2-18 Ablaze One, CBM Pearls 3-11 Ablaze Two, Ablaze Three 9-9 Tagimoucia, CBM Rubbies 5-10 CBM Diamonds.

Princess: Lomaiviti Gau 11-6 Tagimoucia Red, CBM Angels 8-14 Ablze Yellow, CBM White 5-24 Ablaze Red, CBM Lion WBD CBM Blossoms, Lomaiviti Gau Two 1-15 CBM Rising Stars, Tagimoucia White 5-17 GH Diamonds Two, GH Diamonds One 24-4 CBM Lions, Ablaze Yellow 12-11 Lomaiviti Gau Two. Tagimoucia White 2- 29 Ablaze Red, CBM Rising Stars 15-11 GH Diamonds One, Lomaiviti Gau Two 8-4 CBM Angels, CBM Blossoms 12-12 GH Diamonds Two

Mixed: FNPF 14-12 Vodre Pure, USP 12-11 Rovers,

Development: Tagimoucia One 9-16 GH Sapphire, Lomaiviti Koro 30-2 Ablaze Heart.

Edited by Osea Bola


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