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Trailblazer Rokowati Crocker Leads Firefighters

Ms Crocker is the first female Sub Officer Red Watch in Fiji for Suva Fire Station and Pacific Harbour Fire Station.
08 Sep 2020 11:31
Trailblazer Rokowati Crocker Leads Firefighters
Rokowati Crocker. Photo: Wati Talebula

Rokowati Crocker had her mind set on working on a white-collar job. But a form she was encouraged to fill back in 2008, has since left this Mokani, Bau, woman with no regrets.

Today, she is the longest serving female firefighter, a field that is not only male-dominated but ranked as the one of most stressful careers in the blue-collar jobs.

Ms Crocker is the first female Sub Officer Red Watch in Fiji for Suva Fire Station and Pacific Harbour Fire Station.

A cousin of hers had asked her fill in her details for the National Fire Authority recruitment.

“I actually wanted to be an Accountant but that changed in 2008. I never regretted joining this workforce ever since,” Ms Crocker said.

“This profession may not be what I dreamt, but I do take pride in this career through education and other means.

“This job focuses on saving lives and properties and by attending different types of calls by way of saving a life, a property, at the end of the day is some sort of receiving a gift bag full of happiness.

“We know that we are fulfilling our calling, be it directly or indirectly, helping people, the environment and the nation as a whole.

“Firefighting is an inherently dangerous occupation and being a female in the fire service we have to live up to the expectations and risks in terms of the physical activities.

“I work really hard to make sure that I do what every other firefighter (male) does.

“Gender crisis is a common world plague, especially when we are referring to the so-called ‘male’ job.

“I am also thankful that the National Fire Authority has seen beyond that and now also focuses on Gender Equality and Inclusion.

“It plays an important role because everyone is given equal opportunities and has access to everything and I believe that it’s not about who is better in terms of gender, it is about gender equality.”

The former Sila Central High School student attributed her success to her parents.

“I grew up in a family where my parents really did a lot of hard work and sacrifice to put food on the table, give us a good education and a lot of other things that would take me a lifetime to explain,” Mrs Crocker said.

“All my siblings were treated equally, disciplined when we get mischievous which has contributed much to who we are today.”


The 32-year-old rose through the ranks from when she successfully completed the physical obstacles, aptitude test and the interview.

“The recruit lasted eight weeks with gruelling activities in Nadave (Centre for Appropriate Technology Development) and was posted to Suva Fire Station afterwards.

  • 2008 – 2013 I was in the Operations Department
  • 2011- 2014 – Firefighter (Suva Fire Station)
  • 2013 – 2015 with the Training Department
  • 2015 – 2016 – Operations Department
  • 2017 – 2019 – Leading Firefighter (Suva Fire Station)
  • 2016 – 2019 – Training Department
  • 2019 – 2020 – Sub Officer (Pacific Harbour Fire Station/ Suva Fire Station)

Her philosophy is make improvements not excuses and life is about solving problems, and every obstacle is the way forward.

Highlights of her career:

  • Being the first female Sub Officer (Officer in Charge of a Watch) in the Authority
  • Longest serving female firefighter
  • Attended to different types of emergencies

Her advice is: “If you can dream it, you can do it and if you have the right attitude, hard work and setting your goals right you can fulfill your dream.”

Edited by Ranoba Baoa


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