Temesia.Co To Expand On His Timeless Outfits

Temesia is one of the many social media influencers who is also a creative stylist.
26 Sep 2020 15:10
Temesia.Co To Expand On His Timeless Outfits
Models wearing Temesia Tuicaumia designed outfits during the Wearing Fiji Fashion Show at the GPH on September 5, 2020. Photo: Bau

Literally  a few weeks old, Temesia.Co is already successful trending.

But success did not come overnight for 26-year-old, Temesia Tuicaumia, brand founder and designer of Temesia.Co.

Temesia is one of the many social media influencers who is also a creative stylist.

Temesia Tuicaumia

Temesia Tuicaumia

He recently featured at the Wearing Fiji project fashion show at Suva’s Grand Pacific Hotel. It was not his first fashion show.

In 2009, Temesia designed for Ms BSP for the Hibiscus Festival. Then in 2012 he showed at Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) as an established designer. Temesia.Co is a menswear|womenswear designed to compliment you and it targets everyone.

For Temesia getting clothing on influencers and celebrities still is the best approach and is still the core of your marketing strategy.

Below is an excerpt of an interview with Temesia:


Tell us abit about yourself?

I am a believer in Jesus. I love singing for Jesus here at my local church. I am the only child. I am 26-years-old.

My parents and I live here  in Suva.

My parents are in the education field and so am I.We all work together.

I grew up in Suva And moved to Hawaii, USA for university level education.

I majored in education and minored in Illustration and worship ministry.


Tell us about your fashion journey?

I moved back to Fiji in 2015.

I love to travel and that’s exactly what I did when I moved back.

My work got me a car and all I did was drive around the island and when I had work trips I would travel the world and  the country I landed in as much as I could. Sharing about places to eat, men’s fashion and lifestyle became a conversation starter on my platforms.

Just recently my menswear became the Centre attention for my brand TEMESIA.FJTRAVELLER


How would you describe Temesia.Co? 

Temesia.Co is a menswear|womenswear designed to complement you.

Blazers that are genderless and garments you can dress up or down.

Bridging island life and the concrete jungle.


What’s was the inspiration behind it? 

The inspiration really was my passion for fashion. I love menswear!

Like it’s a strong part of me, I always say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But in this fast pace world, the cover is just as important as the inside.

So for me fashion is communication, communicating my identity to people around me in different environments.


Where can one shop a Temesia.Co outfit? 

I am literally a few weeks old so the plan is to be online and  I’ve been invited to stock at the Samson Lee (SL) Boutique, Suva and ROWIE LAL Boutique in Nadi.


What is the price range? 

Prices of the garments are all not set because of the fabric I use for my garments.

One of my favorites linen.

  • Shorts are $75-$85
  • Shirts are $75-$95
  • Dresses are $75-$125
  • Pants are $95-$125
  • Blazers are $350-$550


Did you know what it would take to start your own brand? 

For me personally, it was surrendering my dreams and hearts desires to God and in his time he opened doors for me.

To start your own brand takes a lot of courage, confidence and commitment.

You need to understand independence, consistency, order and discipline.

Building relationships is key, with the people around you and the businesses that will support you.


What is your future plans for Temesia.Co?

I plan to export Temesia.Co To the Pacific region and the world soon.

But my main priority now in the season is to cater for my brothers in my city and country.


Have you ever designed clothes, even for yourself?

Yes my wardrobe has 90 per cent of FIJIAN SEWN garments for myself.


What kind of person aside from yourself are you really trying to speak to with Temesia.Co branded clothing?

I am hoping to speak to every men in Fiji, the pacific and the world. To add style and a little bit of uniqueness to your wardrobe.


Where do you source your materials/ fabric from?

Threads, FNPF Plaza, is my go to fabric store. The quality of the fabric is what I appreciate the most.


Who were your early mentors?

My mentors, definitely Instagram and

Pinterest. But of course Vogue.


You recently showed at Wearing Fiji show. Tell us abit your experience? 

It was definitely one for the books.

First time ever have I been invited to showcase with incredible fashion entrepreneurs in our country. The experience was definitely a learning one


Tells us about the outfits that was showed and what inspired it? 

The garments were definitely something I would wear. But the women’s one were definitely garments I thought I designed to complement my menswear.


What were some of the feedback after the show? Can you share some reviews?

  • The feedback I got were definitely very positive.
  • The garments were relatable
  • The garments I could see on myself
  • The garments were timeless
  • The garments were so you


Apart from fashion designing, what else do you do?

Curriculum supervisior for an early childhood facility called Early Learning Centre

And for Pacific Nations School, a private primary education facility in Suva.

Consultation for social media coordinator for companies, cafes, restaurants, resorts in Fiji. Master of Ceremony (MC) for private events in Suva such as weddings and business events. Brand photography

Children’s book illustrator



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