Business Investment For God

“Noni juice is not only on the rise worldwide but there are visible results when consumed on a regular basis,” Mr Han said.
09 Oct 2020 10:28
Business Investment For God
Wailevu Han’s Farm director Ilhee Han showing noni fruit at his farm in Wailevu, Labasa on October 5, 2020. Photo: Shratika Naidu

Wailevu Han’s Farm in Labasa is working together with Wellbeing Farm (Fiji) Limited to meet China’s demand for noni juice.

The company was established in 2018, owned by a South Korean couple, Ilhee Han and Soon Ae Lee.

The couple planted more than 1,200 noni trees.

They also do sheep farming and bee keeping.

Mr Han is confident to supply noni fruit to Wellbeing Farm (Fiji) Limited by the end of this year.

He would make it using a natural method and sell in bottles by the name Eden Noni.

“Noni juice is not only on the rise worldwide but there are visible results when consumed on a regular basis,” Mr Han said.

“It helps in digestion recovery, lowers gastric, gives more energy, lowers blood sugar, and essentially anything that is caused by thick or weak blood will be resolved.”

He said in every business a one-tier system was risky so along with plantation of noni tree, he invested into beekeeping and sheep farming.

He explained this worked in symbiosis.

Such as noni tree grows and is pollinated by bees which helps increasing the maximum 30 per cent yield of fruit and grass kept short by sheep.


Reason for Investment

The couple said they received a calling from Jesus while in Seoul to go to Fiji and fulfill God’s great commission.

“That is why we made this leap of faith as Christians and invested into noni juice so that people can use it for body healing purposes,” he said.

“From our first fruit harvest, we are likely to earn about $50,000.

“We want to live a life worthy to God and even though we can’t speak English well, the Fijian culture, food and weather is different.

“We use water from the mountain to drink and home use.”

They attribute their success to God and confident to grow in business even during this pandemic.

Mr Han said they were still working with two local employees and would continue to.

“Fiji is one of the cleanest areas in the world with high potential of growing superfood like noni,” he said.

“I want to contribute to making Fiji’s brand value high.”

Meanwhile,  Wellbeing Farm (Fiji) Limited director Yisak Lee said they assisted the couple in establishing the business and were happy to work with them.




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