Meet The Namale Resort And Spa Power Girls

The group realised that one of the greatest joys and senses of contribution and success that one could ever have is to help others. Helping others helps empower you. The other benefit was the strong sisterhood relationship that the “Namale Power Girls” (the name they gave themselves) which helps at work and at home.“
10 Oct 2020 15:41
Meet The Namale Resort And Spa Power Girls
From left: Namale Resort and Spa staff members Filo Saunitoga, Kesaia Suluweti. Seated at back: Namale Resort and Spa co-general manager Nowdla Keefe, Holena Manuel and Mayvian Koti Smith

When Fiji was forced to close its borders to international travel due to the COVID-19 crisis, Savusavu’s Namale Resort and Spa had no choice but to close down operations.

It even had to furlough the majority of its staff.

Those that remained on a reduced hours schedule were tasked with the job of keeping the resort in a “ready-state” as we waited for the crisis to pass.

Namale Resort and Spa co-general manager Nowdla Keefe highlighted at the same time, some of their key staff members, some still employed, some furloughed, decided that they should make the best use of the time the resort was closed.

“It was then, back in early April, that we offered them the opportunity to participate in a home study course created by Namale’s Owner Tony Robbins known as Personal Power II.

“To complete the 30-Day Course the group met each day, Monday through Friday, during their lunch break.

“Each day they listened to a one hour taped session from Tony and then worked on the assignments for the following days session together as a group, and individually when they went home for the day.

“This course was taken on by the group themselves and Mr Robbins at the time was totally unaware of their decision to do so.”

The course took 30 days.

“We then did a second taped programme (Time of your life) and then this past weekend Tony gifted the girl’s tickets to his virtual Unleash the Power Within event.”

There were six furloughed and active staff members, all ladies, that participated in the early programme.

They were Mayvian Koti Smith, Kesaia Suluweti, Fayreen Bano, Holena Manuel, Asenaca Cava, and Filo Saunitoga.

The group was led and organised by Mrs Keefe.


Second programme

After learning that some of his staff had been taking his Personal Power II course on their own, Mr Robbins was so impressed by their efforts and successes, he invited them all to participate in his live programme Unleash the Power Within.

Normally done in-person, due to the on-going COVID situation worldwide, the event was now being done in a brand new, cutting edge virtual format.

The programme ran from Thursday, September 17 through Sunday September 20.

It ran from 12:00 noon thru 12:00 midnight (sometimes later) each day.

The programme had more than 10,000 people participating from many countries around the world.

It was completely interactive and featured not only Mr Robbins but several other well-known Peak Performance speakers such as Joseph McClendon and Scott Harris.

“It was an amazing event and Tony made a point of giving an interactive shout out to his Namale team in front of the whole world,” Mrs Keefe said.

“This programme took everything that the team had learned in Personal Power II and just brought it to a whole new level.”


Professionally and personally empowerment

During the course it was amazing, Mrs Keefe said, not only because of the content they were learning, but also because of the situation (COVID-19 and the resort closing) everyone was finding themselves in.

“Feeling a bit helpless and unsure of the future, the programme shifted the group to feeling grateful and appreciative of what you do have.

“It also gave everyone a shift in terms of feeling empowered and opening their eyes in terms of what they are capable of doing, even in these difficult times.

“Thru this the group decided to assist other Namale team members and families that had been laid off and may need help.

“Each week the group collected money and anonymously gave a food basket to a fellow team member that had been furloughed.

“The group realised that one of the greatest joys and senses of contribution and success that one could ever have is to help others. Helping others helps empower you. The other benefit was the strong sisterhood relationship that the “Namale Power Girls” (the name they gave themselves) which helps at work and at home.

“Namale always had a strong family connection but this made it even stronger. Several of the group members began taking the skills and motivation they were getting from the programme and began their own small businesses.”

They also started their own weekly ROC Market in Savusavu Town for the benefit not only of themselves, but others who might also benefit from that opportunity.


Successful individual stories

Asenaca Cava:

Mrs Cava’s husband is a sustenance farmer.

She came up with a business plan for an organic farm.

The first step was in raising money so her husband started selling some of their crops in the village and to the restaurants.

People love their story and now come to their house to get the produce. They have applied for and have been granted mataqali land so that they can now expand their home farm to a fully organic/hydroponic farm business.

They donate 10 per cent of their income to the single mothers and widows in their village (Yaroi).


Kesaia Suluweti aka Sulu:

Ms Suluweti husband had a kava farm that he would sell locally. She convinced him to sell the Kava commercially and now they have a full-on kava business.

They experienced the theft of much of their crop and through the tools she learned in the courses she decided not to be angry and took control of the situation and they have replanted the farm and are doing well.


Mayvian Smith aka Mayvie:

Ms Mayie’s husband works at Namale but she was furloughed and unsure of her future.

She is from Samoa and decided to try making a business out of selling banana chips.

She conquered her fear and went to grocery stores to see if they would carry her chips.

She convinced one initially and now she is in six grocery stores and has expanded into coconut chips and different flavours.

Mayvie has become passionate about buying/ supporting locally.

She is the driving force behind the ROC market in Savusavu every Saturday.

It started out as a way to help Namale employees by selling in the market but has now grown to anyone who wants to sell their items. Baked goods, handicrafts.


Holena Manuel:

Ms Manuel has used what she has learned to increase her self-confidence and enhance her abilities in public speaking.

Helping her in her role as Food and Beverage, Front-Of-House Department Head.



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