Time For Fireworks Use Announced

From 5pm to 10pm on Sunday and from 5pm to 12am on Monday
13 Nov 2020 09:38
Time For Fireworks Use Announced
From left: Anuradha Chand, Prakash Lata and Roshni Singh shop for their Diwali firecrackers at Mahesh Syndicate shop in Suva on November 12, 2020. Photo: Ronald Kumar

This Sunday, during the Diwali celebration, Fijians are only permitted to use fireworks from 5pm until 10pm.

This was confirmed by the manager mining division at the Mineral Resource Department Raymond Mohammed in consideration of curfew hours in place.

On Monday November 16, Fijians are approved to use permitted fireworks between 5pm to 12 midnight.

Mr Mohammed said people still needed to follow the curfew hours which is from 11pm till 4am although they were allowed to light fireworks until midnight.

“On Monday, if individuals are within their premises or perimeters of their dwelling and using or discharging fireworks, this is not a breach of curfew hours as long as permitted hours of use are adhered to,” he said.

He said the restrictions also applied to individuals/groups who may not reside at their respective homes, but may want to visit their relatives/friends during the Diwali holiday.

He also said those who do not adhere to the fireworks regulations would be fined more than $400 or face imprisonment no less than six months.

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