Air Quality In Lautoka Drastically Improved

Less ash, soot and smoke are now seen in the Lautoka area.
15 Nov 2020 19:07
Air Quality In Lautoka Drastically Improved
The Lautoka sugar mill.

Fiji Sugar Corporation’s Lautoka Mill boiler up-grades have resulted in a drastic improvement in air quality for the residents of Lautoka.
Residents and businesses are both experiencing better air quality, less soot, ash and some are even seeing a reduction in allergies.

Repairs and upgrades to the Lautoka 200 TPH John Thompson boiler were completed in the maintenance season by Avant-Garde India, the objective being to restore boiler efficiency and to install a new mechanical dust and soot removal system for the boiler to improve efficiency and air quality.

Commenting on the upgrades Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) Chief Executive Officer, Graham Clark said: “The upgrade programme totalling over FJ$3.9 million included the replacement of the Mechanical Dust collector, Economiser and Soot Blowers for the Economiser.

“The project was started late 2019, and despite COVID impacting the movement of goods around the globe, the FSC team worked with the
logistics personnel and Fiji Airways to collaboratively ensure that the goods were in country to complete the upgrades before the start of the 2020 crushing season.”

The Mechanical Dust Collector treats the flue gas and helps to control the dust emissions, the Economiser controls the outgoing flue gas temperature and helps to optimise the Boiler Efficiency.

Mr Clark continues: “Now, all of the ash is collected in the Mechanical Dust Collector, and the flue gas omitted from the chimney is clean.

“In simple terms, this means less ash, soot and smoke are now seen in the Lautoka area.”

Speaking to long term resident, Joy Young commented,  “There has been a huge change this year, and I’m so thankful for it!
“I have lived in Lautoka for almost 30 years but usually always dread the crushing season, as the sugar mill dust, soot, ash just pours into my house.

“I clean and mop everyday, but within an hour the floor is black, the table is covered with a layer of black, the veranda and stairs are covered, the washing on the line is covered in ash.

“I also usually also have terrible allergies and itchy eyes during the crushing season.

Mrs Young continues to affirm the positive changes to the air quality and the visible changes to ash or soot in the air.

“This year it has been completely different, there has been a major change, we would barely know it is crushing season based on the
house cleaning.

“I have never experienced it this good! I am so thankful, and hope it is a permanent improvement!

The people of Lautoka certainly deserve to live with better air quality!”

FSC is committed to continuous improvements as the organisation rebuilds itself and helps create a more sustainable industry for Fiji’s future generations.

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