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Shine A Light: Who Murdered Salesh Chand ?

Traces of kerosene were present in the lungs of the late Salesh Chand - the Vinod Patel & Company Ltd regional manager whose charred remains were found inside the company car he used.
21 Nov 2020 09:16
Shine A Light: Who Murdered Salesh Chand ?
The burnt car where Salesh Chand's body found inside. insert: Salesh Chand

This meant that Mr Chand was still alive before the vehicle was burnt, a Police source close to the investigation told Shine A Light.

The source said he had inhaled the smoke from the inflammable liquid.

The charred frame of the maroon SUV was found parked at the Fiji Sugar Corporation compound in Lautoka on July 5, 2016.

The informed source said Mr Chand was heavily intoxicated and incapable of escaping the fire. He suffered 100 per cent total body surface area third degree burns.

The smell of kerosene was also detected inside the car, the informed source said. It was also used to set the car alight, the source said.

Police had classified the case as murder. But they remain mum on the progress of the investigation.

It’s now more than four years, no arrests have been made. The killer or killers still roams free.

The informed Police source labelled the murder of Mr Chand as “well-planned”.

Mr Chand was 42.


Charred body find

It was about 3am on Wednesday July 5, 2016.

The scene was gruesome, a close neighbour of the family, who spoke on the condition of not being named, said. She was on her way to the market when when she saw a crowd at the scene – along the tramline at the FSC compound. .to read his full story, subscribe to our e-edition. You can also pay through Vodafone’s MPAISA platform.




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