Wilson Praise For Matawalu

Glasgow Warriors co-captain Ryan Wilson heaps special praise for team­mate Nikola Matawalu.
19 Dec 2020 15:03
Wilson Praise For Matawalu
Glasgow Warriors vice captain Ryan Wilson haviing a light moment with former Flying Fijian and Glasgow Warriors Utility backline player Nikola Matawalu. Photo: Glasgow Warriors

Glasgow Warriors co-captain Ryan Wilson heaps special praise for team­mate Nikola Matawalu.

Wilson tells of how the Dama, Nakorotubu, Ra native showed true Fijian culture and life­style when he arrived in Glasgow, Scotland in 2011.

Wilson was touched with the amazing atti­tude that the 31-year-old showed to the people of Glasgow and his family.

With Christmas less than a week away, Wil­son recalled how his family spends their first Christmas with the former Flying Fijians halfback nine years ago.

In a Rugby Pass Podcast interview, Wilson said: “My Christmas story was when he first got here in Glasgow, which could have been nine years ago maybe and he was fresh than he can.

“He arrived in Glasgow with his Bula shirt with his Sulu– the little skirt thing that they wear and a type of leather burgenstock which was pretty much not what I thought it was.

“He had no family so I told to him to go to London with me for Christmas.

“I dropped him off to stay with my old man, and I headed to where my wife stayed with the kids. “I asked my dad to look after him as I will come and pick him up in the morning.

“It’s Christmas Eve and Niko woke up my dad at probably 1.30am where he started drinking with my old man.

“We picked Niko, with blood shot eyes, on Christmas Day with my wife and took him to my wife’s aunt’s house.

The Fijian Way

“When we arrived at my aunt’s place he was doing the normal things like hugging every­one, kisses and straight into the beers so we sat for Christmas dinner.

“My wife was getting a turkey off the oven and he sees it so most people don’t believe me it is always good to get Niko to confirm this.

“As they pulled the turkey out, he is trying to pull the wing off the turkey and shout­ing ‘I want the wing, I want the wing.’

“He sits down with plate full of food with a massive turkey on top of it.

“Everyone has done their grace and his done his Fijian grace then he goes at it with the turkey.

“Everyone is eating nicely quite posh nicely and proper while Niko is eat­ing with his hand on the turkey and enjoying it.

“After eating he goes to the sink, turns the tap on, goes through the old surgical wash in the sink, wash his face and then goes for the cup drinking from his hands out of the sink. So all of the family are just watching and say­ing what’s going on?

“He walked straight back straight to the couch opens a bottle of Malibu and starts drinking then sleeps same time.”

Adopting to Fijian Lifestyle

“This is amazing, absolutely no care. It was only after that he told me that in Fiji they don’t sleep from Christ­mas to New Year’s, they only have cat naps. They just celebrate for that seven days straight.

“That was the start of it I remember taking him back to Glasgow on the day after and it was the first training session that he has ever missed.

“The coach asked me what happened to him because he still has blood shot eyes, hangover and couldn’t train. And that’s my first Christ­mas with Niko Matawalu.

“I somehow adopt the Fijian lifestyle I don’t know how it happens. I ended up in church with them during Easter with the kids.

“What a man to have that kind of gentleman in a tour, it would be something special.

“His a hilarious guy, I was at a restaurant with him when he first got here and people in Glasgow sat in there and Niko goes over to the baby and kisses the child on the head and plays with the baby.

“He is on another level one of the most amazing people that I have ever met.”

Edited by Osea Bola

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