Barracks Have Cameras

similar arrangements will be done at the raiwai and nadera estates, to monitor illegal activities.
09 Apr 2021 12:34
Barracks Have Cameras
Fiji Police Force chief operations officer, ACP Abdul Khan at Mead Rd, Nabua, following the brawl that took place on the April 4, 2021. Photo: Leon Lord

The Public Rental Board (PRB) is currently installing CCTV cameras at the Mead Road PRB estate.

This is to aid the board in monitoring possible illegal activities at the flats.

PRB manager properties Maloni Daurewa said similar arrangements would also be done at the Raiwai and Nadera Estates.

“Our IT technicians from PRB and Police will be looking into connecting the live feed to the Police Command Centre once completed,” Mr Daurewa said.

He said they were concerned with the number of illegal activities taking place at the estates and they intend to monitor this closely, with the installation of CCTV cameras.

“There are also plans for a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between PRB and the Fiji Police Force, to strengthen its fight against crime,” Mr Daurewa said.

“The Community Policing Unit have been tasked to look into re-introducing sports as part of its strategies in involving the youths of the estate.”

The PRB is now waiting on the outcome of the Police investigations concerning the brawl in Nabua during the Easter break to implement some action.

“It will be premature to take action on tenants without any proper justification or evidence,” he said.


Breaching tenancy agreement

One hundred and twelve PRB tenants have been issued eviction notices since January 2020.

Mr Daurewa said the data was collated from eviction notices issued in all their properties around the country. With the 112 eviction notices handed out, he said some notices were put on hold because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, evictions were subject to the seriousness of the breach.

“The use of illicit drugs, illegal subletting of flats, overcrowding and alcohol consumption were some serious breaches that we had identified while doing our survey and with reports we have received,” he said.

“Eviction would be determined by the nature or severity of the issue at hand however, most common cases have been alcohol consumption and those above the permissible weekly gross income of $317 for the lower end estate and $481 for Raiwai respectively.

“Those who fall into rental arrears or do not pay rent on time were also the ones we issue eviction notices to.”

He said the board would always perform actions, in line with its tenancy agreement.

“We continue to stress with our tenants during estate meetings or door to door visitation the importance of adhering and abiding by the tenancy agreement,” Mr Daurewa said.

“Relevant stakeholders (Fiji Police, Ministry of Labour, Municipal Councils and Ministry of Health) are also invited during these meetings to stress on solutions to issues surrounding the society and involving the youths to take up responsibility, ownership and empower them in the safe keeping of the estate.

“PRB allows church groups to undertake evangelism programmes for the spiritual upbringing of tenants, which is also equally vital.”

He said it was unfortunate and disappointing to note that the image of the Mead Rd Estate in Nabua was tarnished because of the actions of some people, out of the 168 tenants.

“We will not allow this sort of behaviour to continue in PRB estates. And tenants are requested to observe and abide by the tenancy agreement.”

PRB will continue to monitor the earning capacity of each respective tenant to ensure that no one is earning above the amount specified in the agreement.

“We work on identifying financially disadvantaged tenants who require Government subsidy assistance, determining legal or illegal tenants, check on the number of people in a household, conduct title search to see if a tenant has acquired a piece of land or property,” he said.

As for the brawl in Nabua, Police said they would complete their investigations today.





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