‘Drug, Crime’ Rule

Residents claim that alleged drug peddlers keep other crimes in their neighbourhood down, in order to ward off Police attention in their area. This way they can allegedly continue their drug peddling.
13 Apr 2021 11:20
‘Drug, Crime’ Rule
An Aerial view of Nasinu

Some residents in Caubati and Vatuwaqa are unwilling to report the alleged trade of marijuana because they believe the trade leads to a reduction in crime such as burglary and break-ins.

Here is why the reason they believe it.



The Mamas Place roundabout in Caubati leads to a large informal settlement. The roundabout is where most of the alleged activities take place, includes dealing marijuana, smoking and drinking alcohol.

Resident Atish Sharma, has alleged that these activities even happen during curfew hours. He said that despite the alleged activities happening, he had noticed a decrease in break-ins.

He said once the Police start looking for drug peddlers, the men allegedly involved in the trade then allegedly start breaking into homes. He said the alleged drug peddlers somehow ensured that no one was breaking into homes in order to keep Police away.

A shopkeeper in the area, Raj Mati, claimed that they mind their own business and the drug peddlers just sell the drugs and go away.

She said last weekend, some men were allegedly drinking at the roundabout, but did not harm anyone.

However, another resident Sekove Tunidau said no matter what was happening, illegal activity is still illegal activity.


Nanuku, Vatuwaqa

Vehicles drive into the Nanuku Settlement and are met by a group of men. Each allegedly pick up a tube of plastic or a small bottle containing aluminum foils folded in bullet sized packages.

Depending on who the driver or the passenger chooses, money is allegedly exchanged and the package given.

This allegedly takes place in broad daylight as residents look on. It is a normal day at the Vatuwaqa settlement.

Residents who spoke to the Fiji Sun did not want their identities to be known. According to them, these men did their business and did not bother anyone.

One man said the alleged drug peddlers were also looking after families and in many cases, ensured that petty crimes like thievery did not take place. This was allegedly done in order to ward off Police attention.

Another resident said the alleged drug peddlers were all residents and some were even neighbours, but they did not bother the other residents living in the area.


Police response

Police spokesperson Savaira Tabua said such matters should be reported.

“People are advised to report such illegal activity at any of our stations or at our Command Centres; they  can even take  shots of those allegedly involved to assist in the investigation process,” she said.

“We can’t be everywhere so we request  the public to assist us with this regard in ensuring a safe and secure Fiji for all.”




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