Cunningham Resident Denied Access Into Rajendra’s Supermarket

She wrote her address at the register and security officer denied her entry.
23 Apr 2021 10:01
Cunningham Resident Denied Access Into Rajendra’s Supermarket

A woman was in shock yesterday when she was stopped from entering a supermarket in Suva after she wrote down her address as Cunningham.

Makereta Sorovi walked into the line at Rajendra’s Foodtown Supermarket and wrote down her name and address in the register placed outside as the security officer took her temperature.

Ms Sorovi said the security officer, after seeing that she was from Cunningham, she was not allowed entry into the supermarket.

Ms Sorovi said it was embarrassing and discriminatory of the supermarket not to allow her in. She said she lived nowhere close to the Wainatarawau Settlement at Stage One.

Rajendra’s Foodtown assistant manager Satendra Chand initially stated that Cunningham Stage One was a contagious zone and then later said the security officer may have feared that the woman was from Cunningham and did not allow her in.

He said they had staff members from Cunningham Stage Two and Three working yesterday.

The Consumer Council of Fiji urged business owners to stop turning away consumers who were in need of essentials and have opted to shop at their stores just because they live in a particular place.

Council chief executive officer Seema Shandil said the community affected was cordoned off and those residing there were given strict instructions to remain within the community.

“We urge businesses to treat everyone fairly. Cunningham is a large area and businesses should serve everyone.”

Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services Dr James Fong said businesses that were enforcing the COVID-safe measures overly zealous would be advised to tone it down.




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