10 Things About Senior Vice President And Executive Director Pacific For Warwick Hotels And Resort- Tammie Tam

Tammie Tam, Senior Vice President of Warwick Hotels and Resorts International and Executive Director–Pacific, has urged Fijians to take the jab.
21 Jun 2021 11:52
10 Things About Senior Vice President And Executive Director Pacific For Warwick Hotels And Resort- Tammie Tam
Tammie Tam, President of Warwick Hotels and Resorts International and Executive Director–Pacific, receiving her second vaccine jab from a medical personnel at Maui Bay.

The vaccine is developed for protection of ourselves, our families, our workmates, our communities and everyone around us.

Tammie Tam, Senior Vice President of Warwick Hotels and Resorts International and Executive Director–Pacific, has urged Fijians to take the jab.

Warwick Hotels and Resorts own Tokatoka Resort, Tambua Sands Beach Resort, the Naviti, and the Warwick Fiji Resort and Spa. She is also a member of the Tourism Fiji Executive board. Plus a board member of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association.

In mid-April before the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, Ms Tam received her second vaccine jab at Maui Bay.

She just wanted to set an example for all the Warwick staff members and other hospitality bodies as a whole to get vaccinated to be protected from the virus.

She said: “We grew up with different types of vaccination when we were babies, why should there be hesitation on this one which is also developed to protect us from sickness.

“God does not give us the spirit of fear, He gives us the spirit of truth, the spirit of faith, the spirit of wisdom and a sound mind. We should refrain from listening to those false messages which give us fear.

“God created the doctors and scientists to develop the vaccine to cure our diseases as He has promised, there should not be any hesitation in taking the jab,” she said.

About Ms Tam:

Born and raised in Hong Kong in the 1960’s, Tammie Tam’s determination to secure a sound educational background has reaped the rewards.

Watching her father’s struggle as a watchman while her mother made ends meet by making clothes and plastic flowers at home gave Ms Tam the determination to make a better life for her family.

Does Warwick Hotels have a no jab no job policy? 

Each Warwick Hotel practices what the legislation in its country allows it to do.

In my opinion, the no jab no job policy may have to be considered for certain industries, for example, in the aviation and tourism industry where we are welcoming and serving people all over the world.

It is our duty to provide a safe workplace to make sure our workers are kept safe while being employed and our guests are provided with a safe environment when enjoying their stay in our properties.

Some airlines have started requiring the travellers to be fully vaccinated and no doubt travel agents, wholesalers and OTAs will ensure the tourists they make bookings for are vaccinated and that the hotels they would recommend to have a fully vaccinated workforce.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learnt a  year after COVID-19 hit?

When the virus first started in January 2020, we saw plenty of people die in China, Italy, Iran and many other countries.

We felt very safe in Fiji because we only had a few cases and after international borders were closed and strict measures were enforced, we became COVID free for 364 days.

During this period, we saw 2nd wave, 3rd wave and 4th wave in other countries, but we were kept safe. Unfortunately, the virus mutated and the current Delta variant is more contagious than the original one and now has become the main variant all over the world.

It is also now affecting our nation here. It taught us that we cannot be relaxed and complacent.

This virus is real, and is here to stay and we will be living with it for a long time, just like many of the other viruses that showed up in the last hundred years.

The only way to counter it is to get vaccinated. Believe in the doctors and scientists who have been continuing to develop different vaccines to fight with different viruses that come our way. In the US, about 50 per cent of all the population has been vaccinated, and in some states, around 80 per cent of the population has been vaccinated, so they can safely open up and the economy is starting its recovery.

We need more people here in Fiji to get vaccinated so that we can ease the restriction, restart the economy and welcome the international tourists back to our shores.

Many people, especially those in the tourism industry, need their jobs back.

What is the best part of working in the  tourism industry?

You meet a lot of people and understand different cultures.

You see up and down and need to have a quick mind to react and adapt to new changes.

It is an exciting industry.

What is your advice to the Fijians, especially  during this global pandemic? 

I urge all Fijians to take the vaccine and don’t listen to rumours.

You may have some side effects but it will be gone in two to three days.

The trick that I gather from a lot of people is to go after having a full stomach, to lessen the discomfort and drink a lot of water after taking the jab.

10 Things people may not know about Tammie Tam

  1. The three important drinks for her in the morning : first – a glass of warm water to clean her system, second – a cup of ginger, turmeric, lemon and honey warm water to boost her immune system, and third – a cup of coffee to have energy for the day
  2. She loves anything that is made with ginger – ginger latte, ginger tea, ginger candies, salted ginger, etc.
  3. She likes custard pie
  4. Her favourite dessert is Mille Feuille
  5. Her favourite Christian song is How Great Thou Art
  6. Her favourite pop song is In the Arms of an Angel
  7. She is scared of big cockroaches
  8. Her mother wanted her to be a doctor but she is scared of blood
  9. She used to have running nose for 300 out of 365 days in a year when she was a kid, but she has recovered after taking fish oil.
  10. She can’t use the swing because she was the only one in the kindergarten who could count 1 to 100 at 3 years of age so her teacher needed her to do the count when other kids were on the swing.



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