Unit Trust: $3.3m Dividend Payout 

This payout will benefit 24,000 investment account holders based on their unit holding at the close of the unit registry.
20 Jul 2021 11:32
Unit Trust: $3.3m Dividend Payout 

Unit Trust of Fiji has paid out out the sum of $3,330,493 million as tax-free interim dividend to its holders for the six months period ended June 30, 2021.

This payout will benefit 24,000 investment account holders based on their unit holding at the close of the unit registry.

Unit Trust of Fiji Management Limited chairperson, Shaenaz Voss, said the company was steadfast in its commitment to its unit holders, especially when the company’s earnings power was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The payout was a testament of our commitment to provide the best competitive returns to our loyal unit holders,” she said.

Ms Voss said the payout was in addition to the $45 million dividends already distributed to our unit holders from 2013 to 2020.

The dividend rates and payouts for the respective funds were as follows:

Income and Growth Fund 

Unit Trust of Fiji declared an interim dividend of three cents per unit, which equated to the payout sum of $2.8 million distributed to the unit holders.

The last three years of dividend rates were as follows:

The Income and Growth Fund portfolio remained resilient with strong performance from its investee companies.

Investee companies included:

· HFC Bank,

· South Seas Towage Limited,

· FMF Group, and

· Fiji Gas Pte Limited.

Additionally, both the defensive and growth stocks provides the ideal conduit for consistent returns whilst our Board remains vigilant on the industry dynamics.

Unit prices increased by five cents, from $2.23 to $2.28, on an ex-dividend basis for the six months, because of the increase in value of the company’s investment portfolio.

This has proven the resilience of our portfolio to the current pandemic.

Portfolio diversifies across multiple asset classes and sectors.

Income and Growth Fund had nil exposure in the following investment categories:

· booking,

· entertainment,

· airlines and travels,

· cinema and entertainment,

· hotels and resorts.

Income Fund 

The annualized dividend rate of 3.00% have been declared that directly equates to the payout sum of $462,121 distributable as tax-free dividend to our unit holders, which also includes our young investors registered under Children Investment Plan.

The Income Fund remained a popular choice for risk averse investors, said Unit Trust of Fiji, as it received significant movement in the Income Fund portfolio.


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