OPINION: Keep In Mind The Mission Of Peace, Forge Ahead Hand In Hand

The PLA is committed to the path of peaceful development, stays committed to the national defense policy that is defensive in nature.
31 Jul 2021 16:55
OPINION: Keep In Mind The Mission Of Peace, Forge Ahead Hand In Hand
PLA soldiers sweeping mines in Lebanon.

August 1st, this year marks 94th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Liberation Army. 94 years on, tremendous changes have taken place. The PLA has always kept pace with the development of the cause of the Communist Party of China and the people, and has always been closely linked to the destiny of the Chinese people and nation. It has overcome difficulties and made great sacrifices along the way.

Over the past 94 years, the PLA under the leadership of the CPC, won a great revolutionary war, defeated the enemy both at home and abroad, devoted to the construction of the new China, responded effectively to national security threats. It has accumulated valuable experience in the struggle for the Chinese nation to stand up, become rich and strong, and made indelible contributions to safeguarding China’s sovereignty, security and development interests.

Senior Colonel Yu Ke,Defence Attaché of the Chinese Embassy to Fiji.

Senior Colonel Yu Ke,Defence Attaché of the Chinese Embassy to Fiji.

Over the past 94 years, especially since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, with the goal of building a strong military, the PLA has comprehensively deepened the reform of national defense and the armed forces. With reshaping its political ecosystem, organizational structure, force system, the PLA has gradually developed into a modern military with a combined army, navy, air force, rocket force, strategic support force, and a number of advanced home-made weapons. It is making great strides toward building a world-class informationized military, providing a strong guarantee for the realization of the “Chinese Dream” of national rejuvenation and the second centenary goal.

China has always been a peace-loving country, adheres to the principles of peaceful development and win-win cooperation, and rejects any expansionist or colonialist path. The PLA, remains a steadfast force to ensure world peace and stability.

First, the PLA is committed to the path of peaceful development, stays committed to the national defense policy that is defensive in nature. In recent decade, China’s military expenditure accounted for only 1.3% of GDP, far below the 2.4% world average. China’s per capita military spending was only 154 USD,which was the lowest among the world’s major powers. China’s defense and military development is not targeted at any other country. China makes great efforts to advance international cooperation on military and security, promotes the idea of building a community of shared future for mankind, fosters a security environment that serves peace and development for all by strengthening international military and security exchanges with more than 150 countries.

Second, the PLA honors its international responsibilities and obligations, and firmly upholds the peace and stability of the world. China is at present the largest contributor of peacekeepers among the P5 of the UN Security Council. Since 1990, China has sent a more than 40,000 peacekeepers,built or repaired more than 17,000 kilometers of roads, 300 Bridges, cleared 14,000 mines, and treated more than 246,000 patients in more than 20 countries and regions. It has made positive contributions to the security, stability and economic and social development of relevant countries. Since 2008, the Chinese Navy has deployed 38 escort fleets to the Gulf of Aden and waters off the Somali coast, exchanging and cooperating with other countries’ escort forces, and escorting nearly 7,000 Chinese and foreign ships.

Third, the PLA plays an active and leading role in international cooperation and assistance in fighting the epidemic and humanitarian missions. Since the COVID19 outbreak, the PLA is committed to the vision of a community of shared future and health for mankind,has provided vaccine and other medical material assistance to more than 50 militaries of different countries, sent medical treatment expert group to more than 20 countries, and conducted video conferences with around 20 militaries and international organizations to exchange experience in epidemic prevention and control. The PLA has also participated in more than 30 international humanitarian emergency rescue operations, including the fight against Ebola, the search for the Malaysia Airlines crashed plane, and the search and rescue the wrecked Indonesian submarine.


In recent years, China-Fiji comprehensive strategic partnership has been deepening. Last month, President Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Bainimarama, which provided political guidance for the two countries to further strengthen bilateral relations and practical cooperation in various fields. Military ties are an important part of the China-Fiji partnership. In recent years, the defense cooperation between the two militaries has embarked on a fast track. First, military exchanges such as high-level visits, personnel training and port visits of vessels have been frequent. Second, the two militaries have established the effective defense cooperation mechanism. Last November, China established the first DA office in Fiji, building a bridge of direct communication between the two militaries, and making the bilateral communication more efficient and accurate. Third, The hydrographic survey ship, army vehicles and anti-epidemic supplies donated by the PLA have played an active role in the disaster relief and anti-epidemic operations of the RFMF, as well as enhanced the mobile capability on land and sea.

Nowadays, Fijian people are going through the severe impact of the epidemic and face major challenges in economic recovery. China appreciates the important role played by RFMF in the fight against the epidemic. In line with the important consensus reached by the top leaders of our two countries, the PLA will join hands with the RFMF to deepen cooperation in anti-epidemic, climate change, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, peacekeeping and other fields, enrich the essence of the strategic partnership between the two countries, assist the RFMF in anti-epidemic operations and take the military-to-military relations to new heights.

Peace and development are a sublime cause and a shared aspiration of all humanity. The world today is experiencing profound changes unseen in a century and the combined impact of the once-in-a-century epidemic. Uncertainties and destabilizing factors are on the rise. The PLA will, as always, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Fiji and other countries, jointly cope with global security challenges, actively fulfill international responsibilities and obligations, and contribute to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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